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   Chapter 44 Meeting her again

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3394

Updated: 2019-10-22 08:41

Haggai's p.o.v

I angrily drove to my company then parked outside and hit my staling wheel.

"Fuck!!" I yelled then stepped out of my car.

I could feel Stan on the edge of coming out, i closed the door and decided to take a walk.

I walked for some minutes when i picked up her scent again, there she was at the other side of the road walking, she looked so much sexy in her casual clothes, i happily followed her matching her pace as she walked, she couldn't sense me at all, that meant she wasn't vampire nor werewolf.

She stood looking at each side of the road, she was about to cross when she looked at were i stood, she hesitated then quickly crossed and stood in front of me.

"Good day Mr...

"Hemsworth" i answered calmly.

She looked at my clothes carefully as i smirked proudly, i had great faith in my looks, i knew many women fell for my body before knowing the monster i was, it was normal for her to check me out, i cleared my throat getting her attention.

"I'm glad i met you here,

i tag along" i said.

"Not at all, although will you be okay with sharing the same roof with Andy my work partner? Don't mind me, i was just worrying for you on your behalf" she answered softly.

"Let her go for today, don't forget we are attending an underground auction" Stan reminded me.

I looked at my watch then at her, i really was suppose to go back.

"Okay, I will let your lie slip, next time i won't tolerate such lies coming out of your mouth" i answered simply as she swallowed hard then faked a smile.

I turned and began to walk away when i sensed her uneasiness.

"Don't worry, i know too well where to find you" i said as i walked back to my car.

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