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   Chapter 41 Morning service

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2725

Updated: 2019-10-22 06:52

Warning ⚠ ⚠ : this chapter contains smut, read at your own risk.

Haggai's p.o.v

The alarm sounded off causing me to wake up, i yawned and faced the other side, i looked at Brit who was laying next to me completely naked.

My bedroom was messed up with our clothes all over the place, if someone was to enter they would know there and then that the room was filled with wild sex, i hated love making and i have never tried it in all my life, love making was lame, wild sex was fun.

Brit was what i called a pack slut, her thirst for power and determination to have me in her palms was what attracted me to her, sadly she had beta blood in her and that was so below my standard of a mate, she was Ryan's sister too, she was great in bed and fun to hang around with, every time i was bent up with stress she to

if i failed to please a man like you" she whispered as she got on top of me and held my dick in position, she slowly went down on me taking me all in her in one go.

I closed my eyes feeling satisfied.

"Impress me" i whispered as she chuckled.

"Of course" she answered as she slowly moved her hips up and down.

I held her hips as she bounced on me slowly working her hips, i opened my eyes and watched her breast move with each shift she made, this was quiet a view.

"Today cum inside me" she moaned out feeding my own arousal.

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