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   Chapter 37 Scratches

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2614

Updated: 2019-10-20 05:47

Andy's p.o.v

She struggled to pull her hands out of her grip.

"Don't let go Andy, please, i don't know why I'm hurting myself" she cried.

"Is there a spell you can cast?" I asked trying to figure out a way to help her.

"No i cant without my wand or potion" she answered.

"Blondy you are a witch, even though you are an element witch you can help her" i said without looking at her.

"Blondy" i called out.

I turned and found her sitting calmly watching us, her eyes had an unusual light green glow.

Shit was this real? Bella was an element witch how on earth was she using black magic? unless the darkness in her was awakening, if her powers and the dark force were to combine she would wipe many people in a second with just a glance.

"Bella please stop it"

e i moved, i quickly went out and used the back door of our cafe, no one was suppose to see joy like this.

I carefully put her down when we reached my car, i opened the door for her and helped her in, when she was sited i closed the door and got in on the other side and quickly rushed her to the clinic.

Joy was a very nice girl she really didn't deserve such treatment from Bella, all she wanted was to be with me sadly i caused her pain, i felt bad it was all on me, i would have known Bella woke up different.

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