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   Chapter 34 Back to the present

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2915

Updated: 2019-10-19 09:34

Bella's p.o.v

I blinked slowly as i opened my eyes.

"Bella" a female voice whispered.

I rubbed my eyes then looked at her.

"Mother she is awake" Liz my sister screamed happily, i heard loud footstep then the door opened.

Mother and father quickly approached me and sat on each side of my bed with smiles.

"Oh my baby girl, you are finally awake" she whispered.

"Mother" i whispered back lowly.

"Liz go and get her some water" she instructed as Liz quickly went downstairs.

"Baby you scared us, thank God you are awake" dad said while brushing my hair.

I looked around carefully, i was back in my bedroom, Liz walked in with a glass of water, mother carefully helped me sit upright as Liz handed me the glass of water, i drunk slowly and then gave it back to her.

"Mother what happened?" I asked lowly.

"You don't remember?" She asked as i

iz quickly drove off.

I opened the door and rushed out almost falling when we reached the cafe, i opened the cafe door and froze when Andy looked at me from the counter.

"Bella" he whispered.

I ran to him as he met me half way, he quickly embraced me while i cried.

"You died, you died" i cried loudly ignoring the customers who were looking at us like crazy.

"I didn't, i was just weak all i needed was a little drink and feeding" he said as i pulled back, and smiled.

"I'm back now Andy and this time all who dared to hurt us will pay with blood" i whispered.

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