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   Chapter 33 My past mistake

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3053

Updated: 2019-10-19 09:22

Bella's p.o.v

"I got marred off in no time and left my father's house, after a year i was so happy with the rich life that i forgot about mother, later i heard that lady cecil had a son and father treated her like a queen since he now had an heir, mother suffered worse than she ever did, even though i was a bit bothered by that i didn't care much about it, i focused on being happy with my life and practiced dark magic, after three years of being married to what seemed like a perfect marriage i opened up to my husband the lord and confessed about my origin as a witch, i even showed him some magic tricks for him to believe and understand, he was so interested to know who taught me so i told him it was my birth mother the servant, he took it well and we continued with our normal love and happy marriage, little did i know that the lord was plotting with lady cecil against me, one day some men broke into

me and it was time for my spirit to rest, but i wanted to do that after seeing him happy, then you got attacked and he selflessly sacrificed his life again, i knew i had to intervene because he was slowly dying so i entered your body to save him and took you in my past so you could see what he went through, i made a stupid mistake that i don't want you to repeat, as of now you will go back to the present, my gift to you is, you will have all the memories of the past you had, now that my soul is ready to go i hope you will consider and make Michael happy" she said as i felt like I'm being pulled away.

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