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   Chapter 32 Half of my past pain

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2823

Updated: 2019-10-19 09:09

Bella's p.o.v

I channelled the rage and negative force i felt as flames surrounded my body then glared at them.

I approached lady cecil as everyone took steps backwards in fear.

"Yevone do something, you have the elders blood in you" she said loudly as i looked at Yevone.

Yevone screamed in pain when her legs cracked and broke, she fell down in tears.

"No!! No!! I didn't want to do it lady cecil forced me, i swear please don't kill me" she cried as i smiled.

"Oh no i wont, you and i have a score to settle in the present time, as for cecil" i said as i stepped closer and squeezed her neck.

"We ca..n i ..."

She chocked as i tightened my grip on her throat.

"No!! Ahhhh" she screamed as she burned up.

I watched happily as She struggled and fought my hand for some minutes, when her body fell limp

was so selfish and stupid, i whished for the best for myself but later i regretted it all, after many years of trying so hard to win a lords heart i managed, he did love me that's what I thought, when he proposed to me i quickly accepted him without caring much about Michaels feelings or mother's suffering, the lord was so happy to marry me because of my father's background, when the lord asked who my mother was i had to lie and point lady cecil, my mother was so hurt and sad, but because of wanting the best for her only daughter she kept her mouth shut.

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