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   Chapter 30 Trusting my heart

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2803

Updated: 2019-10-18 21:20

Bella's p.o.v

We moved carefully on the road, the sun was setting and the streets were quiet, this felt like dejavu, the only difference was that i had Michael.

We approached a big mansion, the gates were wide open for some strange reason, Michael walked in not caring at all.

"Michael this looks like a trap" i said while i followed him behind.

"I know, but we just have to take the bait if it will lead us to aunty" he answered.

We walked on a small path.

'Over here' i heard a voice whisper, i turned and looked behind, near the gate there was what looked like a maze.

'There' a voice repeated.

"Michael, i think its that way" i said as i walked on the path that led to a maze, Michael followed me without questioning.

I walked trusting my heart despite the maze having many roads.

I heard a low voice sobbin

blows with the man that equalled his strength, they too were vampires, one man sunk his fangs in Michaels shoulder.

"Ahh" Michael breathed out lowly.

I wasn't a fool to watch the same scene happen twice, i took a deep breath as i stood up and walked ahead, the wind started blowing, each step i took it got stronger, Michael managed to hit the guy that sunk his teeth in him and moved away.

The force i felt was stronger than that i had experienced, the wind became stronger that all of Cecil's people stepped backwards with there clothes shifting.

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