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   Chapter 29 Let's go together

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2686

Updated: 2019-10-17 11:37

Bella's p.o.v

I looked at Michael angrily.

"When were you planning to me all this Michael? I can't believe you knew all about it and kept it from me" i yelled loudly.

"Bella it was for your own good" he answered raising his voice too.

"Which part was for my own good huh? You had no right to keep it hidden from me, what a jerk!!!" I yelled.

I couldn't stay long looking at him, i needed time to think, i walked out angrily.

"Bella wait" Michael screamed behind me.

I hated it when people kept things from me, what a lame excuse he gave, doing it for my own good? i angrily ran in the Forrest ignoring the footsteps that were getting closer, my hand was caught, i turned and slapped his face, he looked at me sadly.

"I really want to give you space but sadly i can't, the Forrest is

ly clenched my hands in a fist.

"And may i remind you I'm not human? You are talking to a witch, one of a kind witch, she might not be my mother but i love her as my own, and I'm sure Karelia wouldn't want her mother to suffer such a cruel fate, maybe that's why i was brought here, I'm suppose to protect her no matter what, i am going with you Michael" i answered strongly.

"Fine, just please don't get killed, we still have a great future ahead, i planned it all" he said as i smiled.

"Yes, lets not die then" i answered.

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