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   Chapter 24 Sensei

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3287

Updated: 2019-10-14 10:39

Bella's p.o.v

Michael broke out in laughter, i turned and looked at him angrily.

"I wasn't lying! I don't know why i can't do it, maybe the owner of this body is human" i said loudly.

He moved closer with a smile.

"The owner of the body was a witch who practiced dark magic so her body flows with magic" he answered as i pointed my finger at him.

"What!! You told me supernaturals were myths!!! I thought you knew nothing about supernatural beings!!" I screamed as he laughed.

"I just wanted to refrain myself from scaring you, i was so afraid of you finding out and hating me, I'm actually a vampire, an old one at that" he said as i sighed lowly.

"Well that's old news" i answered as he looked at me surprised.

"Aren't you afraid of my kind? My kind is deadly, they kill many beings including witches for blood" he said as i laughed loudly.

"Well i don't care, i know you can't kill me" i answered with pride.

"That's why i usually pulled back before dee

hispered as i calmed and relax my body.

"Now release your breath" he whispered near my ear as i breathed out lowly.

"Now picture a ball made out of water" he said as he rubbed my stomach gently.

"Chanel your energy from your head, stomach and core and form it in your thoughts" he whispered.

I slowly took in a deep breath and focused on the force of energy i felt in me.

"That's it keep going and you will be strong enough to protect me from death" he whispered.

I remembered Andy's pain and suffering, i angrily pulled out the force of energy and anger i felt in all my strength and thoughts, i needed to get stronger to protect him.

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