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   Chapter 23 Paradise

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2884

Updated: 2019-10-13 08:33

Bella's p.o.v

He held me as if i would disappear, i cried for all the pain i had endured, it was my fault that he was injured in the present time, i took the wrong route that day and i was too weak to use my magic, i was a failure.

I pulled back and wiped off my tears, he looked at me then smiled.

"Can you please take me to a river or a stream?" I asked as he got my hand and quickly walked with me.

"That was where we were going, it's just a few seconds away" he answered seriously.

'I won't be stupid anymore, i will tell him everything about me' i said silently in my heart.

He pushed the branches away that were crowding our way, i closed my eyes avoiding the dust.

"We are here" he whispered as he stood still, i too did and opened my eyes, i gasped in admiration.

The place was like a paradise, it was surrounded by beautiful green f

arely practiced, i just wanted to be honest with you" i said seriously.

He pointed at the water.

"An element witch is good with, air, earth, fire and mostly water, so please give me a demonstration" he said as i looked at him confused.

How did he know about how an element witch was good with water?

"I'm waiting" he said as i moved closer to the stream and stood at the edge, i lifted my hands and put my strength in the force i had imagined but nothing moved, i tried again harder, still nothing happened.

Michael broke out in laughter, this really sucked.

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