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   Chapter 20 Fuck manners

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2714

Updated: 2019-10-10 12:26

Michael's p.o.v

I sat opposite Bella amazed at how she was eating, she had no table manners at all, aunty was just minding her on business but i was so amused by her.

"What?" She asked as she looked at me.

"Nothing" i answered back with a chuckle.

"Mother how are you feeling?" She asked while sipping her tea.

"Honey its not good manners for a lady to talk with food in her mouth" she said as i laughed lowly.

"Fuck Manner's" she whispered lowly.

"What's the meaning of fuck?" I asked curiously.

She cleared her throat nervously.

"Um.. It means good" she answered quickly.

I knew she was lying which meant it was either a bad word or a disrespectful one.

Aunty stood up with her empty plate and went in the kitchen, Bella looked at me with her tongue out.

Really this girl, how

a powerful witch who practiced dark magic, sadly she stopped, making her become weak as a human, the real Karelia practiced it too although she was weak in dark magic she was very determined, the bad part of such magic it required human sacrifice or blood that's why it was too risky to practice such magic.

I stood up with a sigh and lifted my filled plate, i went outside and threw the piece of bread i had on my plate.

I went back in the house and found Bella laughing with aunty, she was a fun person and good daughter it seemed.

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