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   Chapter 17 Imposter

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3117

Updated: 2019-10-05 11:19

Michaels p.o.v

I waited patiently for an honest answer, one thing i was so certain about, was that this imposter beside me was not my close friend.

Karelia loved her mother but she only cared about herself, she was what we called selfish, she couldn't rush her mother at night even if aunty was injured, its not even the first time that her mother was hit this badly this must be the tenth or twentieth time, she always watched quietly as her mother suffered.

Karelia was also not a fighter, when i was attending to Aunty's wounds, i couldn't help but ask what had happen for them to be out in the cold at night, aunty told me how Karelia had hit the mistress of the house badly, and how she had taken care of her wounds, Karelia hated the sight of blood and wounds.

When i went outside, she called me Andy, i tried to figure her out and so i laid.

I told her that she came here at night to paint with me, when the truth

es or make him a laughing stock when they discover that he married a nobody, he made a deal with lady cecil to bear him an heir be it female or male, lady cecil agreed right away in exchange of marriage, he later married her as the second wife, lady cecil was hard on Karelia and her mother, Karelia came here to tell me about everything since she only had me for a friend, her father had forbidden her to play with anyone fearing she could expose that she was born from a low life, her only hope was to marry a rich man with statues and be taken away.

But this lady right in front of me was not the Karelia i knew.

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