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   Chapter 3 Is he stalking me

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5425

Updated: 2019-09-20 11:27

Bella's p.o.v

I reached home feeling uneasy, was it because i made Andy sad or was it because the man who claimed to be my mate left me just like that without a single glance behind.

Why did i even care about that? It's not like they meant anything to me anyway.

"This is so not like you Bella, Andy is just a friend and the Greek god was just candy to your eyes" i told my self while moving my hand in my handbag to get the keys.

"No way!" I said out loud trying hard to look through the things.

I was so bothered by what went on to the extend of forgetting my keys, how can i be this stupid?

"Gosh" i yelled out loud annoyed at myself.

I angrily turned and went back.

Today was suppose to be my training day, my magic was getting weaker by the day.

My family has a big secret that we have kept hidden for many years.

I am born from a pure witch, that's my father and a dark witch that's my mother, a long time ago it was forbidden for a pure witch to marry a dark witch because of the curse, many feared when they got married and had children the curse would be imprinted on their children, the curse was that, one child born from a pure and dark witch would posses greater dark magic, strong enough to wipe out a clan, the elders were concerned and afraid, but after years my kind started taking the story as a myth until now.

I mean i too take it as a myth, mother and father have been married for years, i have only one older sister and both of us have pure magic, she is very good in casting spells while I'm very good with manipulating the four elements.

Myths are just stories the elders use to scare kids and children.

I stood looking at each side of the road, i wanted to cross when i saw the man who supposedly is my mate, he stood on the other side of the road looking at me.

Was he following me? How on earth was he here again?

I quickly crossed the road and stood in front of him.

"Good day Mr...

"Hemsworth" he answered calmly.

I looked at his clothes carefully, he was in the same attire as before, its either he was at work or he was going somewhere, like stalking me, i looked at his face, he smirked proudly, shit i was caught while checking him out, i cleared my throat.

"I'm glad i met you here, i really wanted to apologize on behalf of my friend, he was rude towards you, i think he was just having a bad day, his usually playful not that grumpy" i said with the best smile i could make.

"His your friend?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Gosh he looked so sexy, i nodded lowly, his smile made my heart flatter.

"Good, i was almost in shock finding out my mate was a slut who would stoop so low as to fuck a dead guy" he sa

id seriously, instantly causing my smile to fade.

I looked at him angrily, did he just say that? His face and words didn't match at all, his words were like venom, and what was so wrong with dating a guy like Andy, he was a good vampire.

"Excuse me?" I asked loudly, he lifted his hand and gently caressed my cheek, i leaned into his touch feeling all the anger i felt subside.

"You know what mates are don't you? You are mine and mine alone, i hate sharing" he whispered lowly while he leaned in closer closing the space between us.

I felt stuck my heart was flustered, what the hell was wrong with me? A second ago i was so prepared to yell at this jerk, now i was looking at him like he was my prince charming.

"You know I'm right" he said as he brushed his lips lightly on mine, i couldn't hold back the gasp that escaped me, i felt beautiful sparks move all around me like a shiver on my body, it made me feel calm and relaxed, he pulled back and smirked.

I was getting confused with each second passing by, my body was very relaxed under his touch, i felt like he was controlling me, i took a step backwards.

Keep calm and compose yourself, i told myself silently.

He laughed softly while observing me.

"You sure are cute" he said as i smiled back.

"Thank you..i mean I'm sorry i can't stick around Any longer, I'm going to the cafe to work" i laid.

He looked at me in the eyes, his eyes piercing mine, i felt like he was seeing straight through my lie.

"Then you wouldn't mind if i tag along" he said.

This guy was smart, i had to act smarter.

"Not at all, though will you be okay with sharing the same roof with Andy my work partner? Don't mind me, i was just worrying for you on your behalf" i said softly.

He went quiet for some minutes, was he thinking it through?

He looked at his watch then at me.

"Okay, I will let your lie slip, next time i won't tolerate such lies coming out of your mouth" he answered.

I swallowed hard, why was my lie so transparent to him?

I faked a smile.

He turned and began to walk away, i wanted to ask for his number or anything that could lead me to him, i knew it was indecent but i couldn't help myself, he turned and faced me.

"Don't worry, i know too well where to find you" he said as i smiled at him happily, i turned and continued my walk feeling very happy.

This day wasn't as bad as i thought it would turn out to be, i took a small road that was a short cut to the cafe, it wasn't safe because thugs and prostitutes used it as a stand place for illegal business.

I just wanted to reach the cafe as soon as possible, i mean what could happen? I'm an old witch capable of protecting myself.

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