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   Chapter 62 Sixty Two

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It was my graduation today and my fellow students and their parents filled the university ground and I could hear the loud excited voices everywhere. The rows of seats are full, I joined the students with the surname begins with C. I was in the fourth row. I spotted Katherine in the same row, but she was at the end of the line since her surname was Collins. Thomas, Luke, and Mom were in the bleachers. I knew they were watching me.

At precisely ten, the senior professors decked out in their black and crimson regalia. We stood and applauded the teaching staff. One of them was the Chancellor, he stepped in front of the stage and he initiated the opening speech. When the Chancellor welcomed another speaker, he introduced him as a young businessman from New York City.

He introduced himself as Braiden Maxwell, CEO of Maxwell and Grayson Industries. A prestigious engineering and robotics company in Manhattan, New York. He told everyone about his hardship before he succeeded. He even opened up and invited everyone to employment for the new graduates in their company. After the speech, our classmate Rosie Smith stepped on the stage for another inspiring speech.

When Rosie stepped down, it was finally the time to get collect our degree. There are over five hundred graduates waiting to be called. I glanced at Katherine, who's giggling excitedly with the two girls sitting next to her. Katherine caught my eyes and then she grinned at me as well. I heard my name a few minutes later, I made my way up to the stage.

"Congratulations, Ms. Carter." Mr. Peterson shook my hand. One of my favorite professors. He handed me my degree.

"Thank you, Mr. Peterson." I smiled back. I moved on to the next and pumped Mr. Maxwell's hand.

"Congratulations." He smiled politely. I was amazed at how similar he was with Luke. He was young, handsome.

"Thank you, Mr. Maxwell."

I got back to my seat. The ceremony took another hour to finally conclude. The Chancellor led the members of the faculty and the speaker off the stage. Everyone stood for rousing applause.

While I wait for everyone to disperse, Katherine called me. "Come on! I'd like you to meet someone." Katherine dragged me with her and took me in front of the stage.

"Braiden!" Katherine called out.

Braiden? Does she know the speaker? "Wait, what are you doing?" I pulled my hand away. She rolled her eyes.

"Oh! Come on!"

Mr. Maxwell was speaking to one of the faculty members. He turned around when he heard Katherine. He excused himself to the professor and faced Katherine with a grin.

"Braiden!" Katherine jumped and hugged the man excitedly. I frowned. I was baffled.

"Wow, congratulations, Candy!" Candy? I heard Nate called Katherine Candy once or twice, but I didn't bother asking him why. Was that really her nickname? Mr. Maxwell squeezed her hard. He groaned, "Hmm! You're heavy. You're getting fat. Where's Auntie?"

Katherine pulled away. He slapped his arm, "I am not fat! I came to see you first. My parents are over there." Katherine pointed out the bleachers. "It's been forever, how are you?"

"It's only been a year, Candy." He chuckled.

"Yeah, when we're in Glasgow." Katherine grinned. "Hey, this is my best friend, Scarlet." Katherine pulled me closer. "He's Braiden. He's my cousin."

Cousin? How many cousins does she really have? "Hi, Mr. Maxwell. I'm Scarlet. Your speech is inspiring."

Mr. Maxwell grinned. "Just Braiden. It's an honor to be on that stage. Thank you, Scarlet."

"Braiden is also Zach's cousin. I mean, he's also a Waltz. His mother is my mom's sister." Katherine explained. Oh, so he's one of the famous Waltz? All right, being a businessman was definitely genetic. I always knew that Katherine had a big network, and she came from high society, but I didn't really mind. I guess I just didn't care what kind of family she had. There were times Katherine didn't want that she was born from her family. "She's going to work with Bandwidth

with all my strength."I'll come with you if you get up from this!" I kicked him hard in his center. He yelped in surprise. "Arrrggg!" His knees fell to the ground. "Damn you, bitch!"

I tried to open the door but it was locked. I knocked on the door as loud as I could. "Help! Somebody! Please help!"

No one was responding. Nate! I should call Nate. I dialled Nate's number immediately. He didn't answer. "Come on, Nate!" I texted him instead.

Help me.

Raoul was still on the ground, clenching his center. "Screw you, Scarlet!"

I pounded door once more. "Hey! Help me! Somebody, please!" I screamed.

Raoul grabbed a handful my hair, "Get back here." He pulled me back to him.

"Ahh! Please…Raoul, don't do this to me!" I squeezed my eyes shut. A vision appeared in my mind. Raoul was dragging me inside a room. I was screaming, begging… just like this. Everything was suddenly coming back to me. I had seen this before. This thing happened to me before. I remembered what I'd forgotten.

My baby…

"No! Please, no." I cried hard.

"What I want was simple, you just have to come with me. That's all." Raoul whispered in my ear. His arms wrapped around my stomach, my back pressed against his hard chest. One of his hands was around my neck.

I whimpered. "Hmmph—" I shook my head. "Y-you killed my baby… I remembered what you did…"

Yes, yes. I remembered it all now. The one thing I lost. He killed my baby.

"Really? Tell me then… tell me what really happened…"

"Y-y-y-you are a murderer…"

"Right, right and I don't mind doing it again, but right now. I still need you." His arms tightened around my body.

Somebody help me…

"Let me go, please. Raoul please."

"Scarlet?" Someone on the other side of the door called out my name.

"I'm here! I'm here—Hmm!" I tried to scream but nothing came out. "Hmmph!" Raoul covered my mouth.

"Fuck! Shut the fuck up!" He hissed.

"Hmmm!" I tried to get away from him, but he was too strong. I couldn't take off his hands. The pounding on the door continued. "Open this right now, you fucking sleazeball. If you hurt her, I'm going to fucking kill you!" he banged door as hard as he could.

Luke? Was that Luke? Did he come back? I heard him talking with someone on the other side.

"Shh!" Raoul hissed. He pulled out something from his pocket. My eyes grew wide. He was carrying a gun. How the hell did he get in the school? "Keep quiet, or I'll shoot your head."

I had lost my strength. I let my hands fall down to my sides. My eyes were getting blurry.


Please, Luke...

Save me…

I slowly closed my eyes. The last thing I heard was the sound of the gunshot.

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