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   Chapter 61 Sixty One

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"It's my job to know what was going on with my son. Everything he does with his life, it's my job to find out. I'm asking you this for the sake of this family. You are dear to my heart, Scarlet. Your mother is my life. Please don't break my trust and do as I say. Leave and forget about Luke."

"Thomas, I love him, " I sobbed. "I'm so sorry."

Thomas shut his eyes. "I know."

I wiped my tears away, "I understand. Just let me be with him for a day. I won't even say goodbye. Please, Thomas?"

Thomas agreed, "One day. I don't want you to go, but you know how wrong this is. I need my son by my side. I'm sorry if I have to separate you from your mother. Come back to us if you think you are ready."

I nodded. "I'm so sorry, Thomas."

The last words Thomas had me unsettled. He wanted me to come back, but I didn't know if I would still have the courage to face him. I was too ashamed of myself. I knew from the very start that a relationship with Luke was impossible.

I asked Thomas and Mom to allow me to go back to the dorm. Mom didn't want me to go, but I told her I needed to pack my things for my travel. It's not, in fact, the real reason. It was hard for me to stay at Luke's apartment, where I could smell him everywhere.

Katherine opened the door for me. I've been texting her along the way, and I told her everything. Katherine gave me a tight embrace. I began to cry hard.

She stroke my hair gently. "It's all right. You are leaving anyway. You already made this decision even without your stepfather's opinion."

"I know." I cried, "But it's too hurt!"

"You are lucky, your stepfather didn't cast you out."

"He wanted me to leave!"

"But he said you can come back. That's your original plan."

I pulled away and stared at her face. "I don't want to come back."

"Well... that's up to you now, Scar. Don't cry. He even gave you a day to be with Luke." Katherine wiped away my tears with her thumb. "You'll be fine. I will be here for you."

I nodded. "I'm sorry. I'm always like this."

"Why don't we pack our things together and we go shopping for a few things tomorrow too?" She smiled excitedly.

I chuckled softly. "Sounds good."

"For now, you need a beauty rest."

I woke up early the next morning. I could already hear murmurings in the kitchen. I smelled butter and bacon in the cold air. Nate was probably early today. It was unusual for him to come early because Nate was a sleepy head.

I swung my legs out of the bed, then I came out of my bedroom. Katherine wasn't talking with Nate. Luke? I frowned hard and blinked my eyes a couple of times, but he was still there.

Luke and Katherine were in front of the kitchen. She was laughing at him. Luke was smiling back at her, as well.

"What is going on?" I told them.

"Oh, there she is." Katherine grinned.

Luke turned around. He was still in a white dress shirt, but there was an apron hanging on his waist.

"You... you are here?"

Luke smiled. "Do you want me to leave?"

"No, no." I swallowed hard, still surprised. "I thought…" I don't know how I should react. Of course, I was happy to see him. I missed him too much, but his presence made sad at the same time. He didn't know a single thing about Thomas's plan for me. He won't ever forgive me if

sky was getting dark. I could see the whole amusement park from the top.

"Yes, it is nice." He stared at my face, "But not as beautiful as you." he smiled.

I smiled back. "Thank you for this day. I really enjoyed it."

"Anytime, love." He winked.

"Oh, it's my graduation tomorrow. I'm glad you came early."

He nuzzled on my forehead. "I wanted to tell you something."

"Hmm?" I hummed, but my eyes focused on the beautiful scene in front of me.

"I'm sorry about the last few weeks. She's just really a business partner."

"I believe you."

"I bought the Hightower, " he said out of the blue.

"You what?" That caught my attention. "What did you do?"

"You heard me."

"It was Raoul's club. How…" I swallowed hard. "That's what you did to London?"

"I wanted to bring him down."

That's what Thomas meant when he said Luke was chasing the man after me. I didn't know about his plan, but still, it was too risky. Raoul won't let this go if he found out.

"You didn't have to…"

"I have to. I didn't tell you. I'm sorry."

"What happened, I mean, how did you do it?"

"That's not important. Unfortunately, I didn't meet him. They say he's here."

I looked away. "I know."

"You know?"

"Yes." I nodded. "He sent me a message."

"He—what?" Luke grabbed my arm.

"Don't worry. He didn't show himself until now. I'm still wondering why."

But yes. A few years ago, he did promise that he'll come back for me.

"How come this doesn't bother you? You should have told me!"

"It bothers me, okay? But he still didn't do anything."

Luke's shoulders fell. "I won't let him come near you. I promise you that."

I smiled, faintly at him. "I'll be fine. Really."

He'll never come near me because, by that time, I won't be around anymore. Maybe I didn't really belong to anywhere in Manhattan, or in Cambridge. Perhaps I really belonged to somewhere else.

"Luke, can we just enjoy the night and forget about him?"

He nodded. "I'm sorry. I'm just worried. So, where do you want next?"

I bit my lower lip. "Let's go down. I wanted to see the arcade."

He chuckled. "Not really going to let it pass, huh?"

"Yes! And then, dinner later."

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