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   Chapter 60 Sixty

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"Congratulations, Mr. Alejandro." Cameron stood from her seat, reaching her hand out to me. I stood and accepted her hand, as well. A smirk playing on the side of her lips.

"Thank you, Ms. Brown."

"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you. I just needed a diversion. I can't let the public know that I'm selling a property. It's not good for the economy. They're going to think that my family's falling apart. I'm sorry, your girlfriend probably hates me right now."

"I didn't tell her about you."

She let go of my hand and chuckled. "And I am right that you have a girlfriend. I wish we meet again, Luke, but that would be impossible. I'm going back to Edinburgh in two days.

I nodded. "Yes." It's Scarlet's commencement day in two days. There's no other reason to stay here. "Thank you for this, Cameron." I closed the folder with the contract and the title of the sixty percent ownership of the Hightower Club and handed it to Rebecca.

"I'm sorry if I couldn't help you that much. I've been trying to reach Mr. Velazquez, but I'm afraid, he's out of town."

I furrowed, "I heard." The fucker was unfortunately hard to catch. The last time Ryan was tracking him, we were told that he's back in Sydney, to his first wife.

She cocked her head. "Then I guess you'll just have to find him when you go back to Cambridge."

"What do you mean? He's in Australia." Damn it! He can't be. Wait, was he really?

"I'm sorry, Luke. He's in Massachusetts."

I grabbed her hand. "Who told you that?"

"Aw?" She glared at my hand.

"Who told you?"

She pulled out her hand. "I have a source. And why don't you ask your lawyer? I told her, but I did ask her not tell you right away."

"Fuck!" I cursed. "Do you know about this, Rebecca?" I turned to her.

"I know, but…"

"You knew, and you didn't tell me? Why?"

"Because Ms. Brown was right. We can't let you get distracted—"

"That's not a fucking excuse! Set a flight to Cambridge right now. We're flying back today."

"But Luke—"

"I said right now, Rebecca!" I shouted.

"Yes, sir." Rebecca excused herself and exited the room.

"You didn't tell me about this, but you told her?" I shook my head.

"I have to. I still need you here."

"But you know that I am looking for him. You said you'll help, but you chose to selfish, is that it?"

"I didn't say that I will help, Luke. The Hightower was our only agreement. We have a business here. He'll probably come to you soon when he found out about this."

"You have a point, but you knew something and let you waste my time here, playing around." But I don't care if I see him or not. He was close to Scarlet all this time. I clenched my fist. "Thank you for everything again, Ms. Waltz. I hope we never see each other again."

"No, Luke, it's not like that—"

I didn't want to listen to her anymore. I walked out of the door and left the office. Rebecca was waiting for me in the car when I come out of the building. Ryan was in the driver seat. I slid into the car and slammed the door.

"I couldn't believe both of you have been lying to me, " I told them.

"I'm sorry, Ryan didn't know, " Rebecca said.

"What is it, Rebecca?" Ryan asked.

"I know that Velazquez is in Cambridge."

"What?" Ryan yelled. "What the hell are you thinking, Becks?"

I exhaled a sharp breath, letting the frustration out of my system. "I'll talk to her Ryan."


rine already has a place for us."

"Just do what I say, Scarlet."

"Why are you doing this? I don't understand at all."

"I don't want you to think that I want you to leave. You are my daughter now, and I will do everything for this family. Including keeping you and Luke away from each other."

My eyes grew wide. My jaw dropped. He knew. He knew what's going on with me and Luke.


"I know everything about you, Scarlet. I know because I have to know. I already know who you are when married your mother. I know everything, and it's because I love you and Gene so much that is why I'm going to do this. Break up with Luke, Scarlet. You two can't be together. You're supposed to be siblings."

My hands were sweaty and I couldn't stop the shaking. My heart was pounding fast in my chest. I could almost hear the heartbeat.

"How did you know? If you know why didn't you do anything?"

"I didn't know at first until I saw it with my own eyes." Thomas pulled out something from his coat and he tossed it out of the table. It was pictures of me and Luke together. We were kissing in public, there were pictures of me in front of the school. He had us followed? Why didn't I notice this?

I looked away. I began to cry.

"For Gene's sake, Scarlet. I am going to ask you to stay away from my son. Forget everything about him and come back to us when you think you are ready."

I wiped away the tears. "I don't think I can just break up with him."

"You will, because I can't let Luke going crazy on his own in London, chasing the man who's after you."

I looked back at him. "What?"

"Luke is looking for a man named Raoul Velazquez. I think you know what I'm talking about."

I grabbed my mouth. "No! That can't be true."

The reason why Luke's in London was because of me? It wasn't about the woman but for me?

But I didn't believe him. I pushed him away, and I accused him.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry, Luke.

"I want him to stop his madness, " Thomas said. "Luke can't do anything about it anymore. I'm going to help you get rid of the man if you're just going to leave without telling him. Break up with a son. Please, Scarlet… for the sake of this family."

"What if don't?"

"Then I'll have to tell your mother. Your choice."

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