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   Chapter 59 Fifty Nine

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It was three days before the Harvard Commencement Day, Mom surprised me by her early arrival. She was even more excited than I was. She wanted to help me choose my graduation dress and volunteered to do my hair and makeup. Thomas didn't come with Mom. He said he was busy, but he promised that he'll attend my graduation.

Thomas had changed ever since the day he found out about my secret. It's the same day I learned that he was hurting his son physically. He wasn't the same man who calls me just to check if I was alright or if I needed something. Nothing.

Mom called Luke over the phone, and she asked him if he was coming to my graduation. He agreed, of course, but he was still in London, probably devouring someone else's pussy.

A few days ago, I found photos of him with a mysterious blonde on the internet. They were attending a corporate gala, and it was unlikely of him to be found on the news with a woman. I stopped talking to him since that day.

I didn't want to Google him because of my stalking tendencies, but I missed him so much, I wanted to see his face.

But look at what I'd found out? He was cheating on me. He was lying bastard who had a fucking rule that does not apply to him.

Mom and I went to the shopping mall earlier that day. She took me to a boutique to shop for a dress and shoes. She greeted the tall woman politely.

"Gretchen, my dear!"

"Mrs. Alejandro, it's good to see you!" Gretchen reached out to Mom and hugged her tight. The early thirties woman with a bob cut hair dwarfed my mom with her six-inch high heels. She almost looked like a supermodel.

"It's good to see you too." Mom grinned. How did she even know this woman?

"We need help in picking a dress for my daughter. Ah, this is Scarlet, the one I talked to you about."

"Is that her? Wow, she's beautiful! Hello, Scarlet. I'm Gretchen." Gretchen reached out her hand to me. I shook her hand immediately.

"She looked like me, of course." Mom boasted.

I chuckled. "I'm Scarlet. Nice to meet you."

"Gretchen is the owner of this boutique."

Ah. I see. I nodded, then I smiled.

"You don't need to say that to her. Turn around, Scarlet, " she directed.

I turned around, and Gretchen checked me out. "You're size is probably small. Come with me, I have new designs here." She smiled.

I followed Gretchen to the new designs collection displayed in the center of her boutique. "I think this will be the perfect color for you." Gretchen showed a lacey peach colored on a dress with a combination of woven fabrics. It looked so neat, and I loved the design. It was a body-hugging halter dress. Simple yet elegant.

"This is beautiful, " I murmured. It touched the fabric, and it felt amazing. "May I try this on?" I asked her.

"Sure, you can. I'll show you the fitting room. "Gretchen handed me the grace clung on a hanger. I followed her behind while showing me the fitting room.

Gretchen opened the door. "Here."

"Thank you." I came inside.

I took off my clothes, then I heard Mom's footsteps outside the fitting room.

"Gene, you didn't remember my request, " Gretchen said as if her she was pleading.

"Oh, I am sorry. I don't have a chance to tell Luke. He's in London, but he comes back in three days."

I frowned. They're talking about Luke. Did Gretchen know him? I slipped the dress on.

"One date. Just one date with him, please? Gene? Can you do that for me?" Hell no. I won't let that happen.

Mom sigh

hung up. I gave the phone back to Mom.

"What did he say?" she asked.

"That he's coming to my graduation."

"If he's coming, then why are you upset?" Mom ate a piece of her French fries.

I stared at my plate. The hamburger looked so tasty, but I suddenly lost my appetite.

I sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Mom?" I looked up at her.

"Yes, dear?"

"Mom, I'm thinking of leaving after graduation." There, I finally said it. Even if my heart was about to jump out of my chest in nervousness.

"What? Leave where?" she asked, confused.

My eyes had failed me again. I felt my tears ran down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry."

"Oh, honey? What do you mean? Explain to me clearly."

"I received a job offer from Scotland."

She frowned. "Scotland? Did you apply? I thought you were going to work at your stepfather's company?"

"Yes, I applied, and Thomas offer was for internship only, Mom. This is employment. It's a great opportunity for an IT graduate like me. Besides, Katherine will be with me. It's her uncle's company. Please, Mom? I want the job."

"Honey, you've been far away for a long time, and I always want you to come home. To live with us as a whole family with Luke and Thomas. You don't know I miss you every single day. But of course, if you really wanted to do this I will always support you—"

"Wait!" I interrupted. "Are you allowing me?"

"Of course, my dear. This is for your career growth. Even if I miss you so much, you have your own life."

"Oh my God!" I grabbed my mouth, "Really?"

"Really." She smiled warmly.

"God, thank you so much, Mom!" I stood and sat next to her. "Hmm!" I pulled her into a tight hug. Mom embraced me back. "You are the best Mom in the world!"

She chuckled, "Oh, my dear daughter has grown up really fast." She sighed.

"I was so scared that you would not let me."

"Why wouldn't I?"

I pulled back. "Because of Thomas won't approve."

"I'll talk to him. Don't worry about him, okay?"

I smiled. "Thank you so much, Mom, but please don't tell everyone yet."

"Why not?"

"I just don't know what to say to Thomas. I'll try to tell him myself when he comes here."

"Sure." She cupped my face, "Sure, honey. Come on, let's eat. I thought you're hungry?"

I giggled. "Yeah, I'm sorry. Let's eat!"

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