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   Chapter 58 Fifty Eight

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"We don't have time to waste!" We stopped in the middle of the hallway. I turned around and faced Rebecca's worried expression. "It's only four days, Rebecca. Four fucking days since I left this place, and here I am again because you told me that club owner came here earlier than expected. Now, you are telling me that I fucking need to wait for another three days? Come on!" I turned away and continued to walk.

"But Luke, you have to come down. She's not the type of person to be treated lightly."

"I talked to you two days ago on the phone. I told you that I hate waiting."

"Luke, she just came here and—"

"Then you shouldn't have told me that she came."

"This is Miss Brown's office." The man in the two-piece black suit led the way for us. I don't think his boss didn't know we are coming. He would not welcome us like this if she didn't know.

He tapped a keycard on the door. He pulled out the handle, and he told us to get inside. "Miss Brown is inside, sir. You may come in."

"Thank you, " I told him. I came inside the room. Rebecca followed me quietly.

An enormous white room appeared in front of us. Two people were inside. A man was sitting on the desk, and a woman standing behind him. It must be her. Her presence wasn't ordinary and so as the other man.

"I didn't know Mr. Brown is coming, " Rebecca whispered.

"They are siblings?"


Yes, they almost looked the same; only she was a blonde, her brother wasn't.

"Ah, here they come." She finally spoke. She had a smooth, small voice, I almost didn't hear her.

"Mr. Alejandro. The man who rocks New York City." She said, in her Scottish accent. "Please, come in." a smile playing on her red lips.

I was beginning to hate the atmosphere. "Thank you, Ms. Brown." I kept my voice flat. I had to know who I am dealing with. We walked closer to their table. His brother remained silent in his seat, watching our movements.

"Please sit, Mr. Alejandro." She grinned at us. "Brother, I'll talk to you later, please."

"Alright." His brother stood right away. "I'll see you later." He narrowed his eyes at me before he walked out of the room.

"I'm sorry about that." She exhaled out a heavy breath. "I'm just waiting for him to come out. He's not very friendly. My name is Cameron. It's a pleasu

him anywhere."

"Did you look everywhere?"

"We are suspecting that he went back to his wife."

"Damn it!" I exclaimed out pure anger. I slammed the table with my fist.

"Sir, we are not sure of that. I'm trying to look for a trace if he went out of the country."


"I'm still waiting for the feedback."

"Fuck! If he went there, there might be a chance that we have to start all over again." I ran my fingers on my scalp in frustration. "Our plan was to drain his bank account. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, sir." He looked down on.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

"Luke? What's going on? I heard you shouting." Rebecca came down from upstairs. She had already taken a shower and changed her clothes.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What am I doing? I took a bath, why?"

"You're not coming outside today?"

"Luke, we are tired. We need to rest."

"Am I the only one right here who are worrying that fucker is right there somewhere?" I asked them.

"Luke, we've been awake for eighteen hours straight. Stop treating us like we are your slaves because we are not. Okay? Ryan didn't sleep looking for that guy on CCTVs, talking with trackers, and even hacking IP addresses just to find that fucking guy. Don't talk to us like we are not doing our jobs."

I gaped at her. I didn't know she would talk to me like that. But she was right. I was being paranoid. Ryan remained silent. He put down his sandwich with a single bite on the plate.

"I'm sorry, " I told them again, then stepped away.

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