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   Chapter 56 Fifty Six

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Luke and I stayed at his apartment all weekend. But the time has gone by so fast, it's already Monday. I still wanted to keep on the bed for another whole day with the sweetest man I know. He treated me like a queen for the past two days. I still didn't want to end. But the reality struck when I didn't found him in bed the next morning.

The moment I woke up, I didn't see Luke on his side of the bed. I went downstairs and smelled coffee and the sound of the frying pan. The breakfast was ready, and when we finished breakfast, I went back upstairs for a fresh bath. To my surprise, he had already prepared clean clothes for me.

I came downstairs and ready to go, Luke was waiting for me at the door. He was already dressed in a three-piece gray suit. His hair was brushed up, and he was smelled of aftershave. I remembered that he was going back to the office, as well. I already see Luke in different versions, and all of it suits him well. Even if he was only on a shirt or in an apron, I still find him very sexy.

"Books." He picked up the book from the table and handed it to me. Luke didn't let go of the book and pulled me closer. He pressed a deep kiss on my lips.

I grinned, biting my lip. "I'm going to be late."

"I can say the same."

"But you're the boss."

He chuckled then pressed a kiss on my forehead. "I have a meeting in an hour." He checked his wristwatch swiftly. "But I can still take you to the university."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sure." Luke opened the door for me. "Ladies first."

I grinned. "Thank you."


When I came to our first class, Katherine and Nate were already there. They were in front of their laptops, pretending to be busy. Katherine knew where I stayed, but I told her not to mention anything to his boyfriend. Nate would not like it. It's not because of his feelings for me, but he always thought it was wrong to date my stepbrother. I couldn't blame him for that because I knew he was right and still wanted to stay with Luke.

I sat next to Katherine in the top row of the classroom. Nate was in the middle row with Joseph. I pulled out my laptop from my bag, and I placed it on the desk.

"Hey, " I called her attention.

"Oh, hey. How's the weekend with your superhot stepbrother?" she asked, grinning meaningfully.

"Shh! Low

ed as I stare at the window from the twenty-fifth floor where I see the city.

"We've been trying to tell you, sir. But we can't contact this number."

"I already told you. I'm not going to use the phone this weekend. What is it?" I asked. By the tone of her voice, it didn't sound like a piece of good news.

"We lost him two days ago, Luke. After he lost twenty-five million, three luxury cars, and real estate last Friday. We can't find him anywhere. "

"What?" I scowled, "Why do you think so?"

"His assistant did not tell us where he went."

"Keep looking. He might be somewhere looking for money."

"I don't think that's the case. If he's looking for money, he would have approached us by now. What should I do?"

"Just find him. I'll come back in a week to meet the other club owner."

"What if we don't find him?"

"Just keep on looking, Rebecca."

She blew out a sharp breath, "Yes, sir."

"And Rebecca..."


"You can't let that sleazeball go away." My breath rasped in my throat. "Everything would not make any fucking sense."

"Can I say something, at least?"

"Go ahead."

"We will find him, but you know he's not the big fish to catch right now. And you know that this guy doesn't stay in the same place. He is hard to catch. If you want him to come out, the other club owner is your only chance."

Rebecca was right. That bastard's unpredictable status was beginning to get on my nerves. Then I had no choice but to wait for another week.

"Do whatever you can. I'll see you in a week."

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