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   Chapter 50 Fifty

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I wanted to turn away, but I couldn't help it. His date was now leaning over table, whispering words to his ear. She playfully stroked his chin with his fingertips. I almost wanted to puke. I couldn't take it anymore.

I replied to his message, but not to tell him where I was.

Seriously? For someone who has a family and a child who's waiting for you at night, you still have time to date? Are you that much of a sex addict? – Scarlet. I sent the message.

His response came right away.

Yes, I'm on a date right now with someone who's not going to slap the shit out of me. For your information, I am a pussy addict. - Luke

You are very disgusting. A cheater and an asshole. I swear, I regret sleeping with you. Who knows where you put your dick into. - Scarlet

I literally slapped myself when the realization struck me. What's gotten into me? I should have ignored him. I should have walked away. I did a good job trying to keep my words for almost two weeks. I avoided him. I was just so, so mad, I at least had to say something to him.

He didn't respond. I spied on him as he looked down at his phone, raising an eyebrow. He turned around his chair and slowly scanned the place. I hid at the back of the door.

I swallowed hard, remembering how I'd pictured him wrongly in my dreams. I even imagined him as an inspiration in my wet nights because I missed him so much. Seeing him right now only made me want to feel him again, his body, in my arms.

I bit my lip hard, wanting to go out and show myself to him. Shocked crossed my face when someone entered the restroom. I was forcedly stepped outside when the door widely opened. Luke found me.

His eyes widened the second they met mine. His lips parted slowly. His gaze traveled up and down my body. Suddenly, it felt like we're alone in the world. My body responded to his gaze. Every hair on my body stood, my nipples hardening.

His date's perfectly manicured hand slipped over his chest, trailing him closer to her. I almost choked my own saliva. I hated the way he was holding him. I was boiling inside. I wanted to pull her away from him and scratch her face.

Luke stared back at his phone. My phone beeped again. He replied.

- Meet me outside. NOW.

I set my eyes back at him. My mouth parted slightly.

"You're still here?" A voice behind me interrupted. I dropped my phone on the ground in surprise.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you alright?" The man behind me kneeled down to pick up my phone. I tucked my hair under my ear to check him out.

"Sean?" I asked.

"Here you go." He stood up and gave me my phone back.

"I'm just…I need to freshen up a bit." I pointed out the restroom door in front of us.

"Oh, I see, I'll see you tomorrow then. I have someone to meet here."

I nodded, "Thanks."

When Sean left, it was my turn to walk away too. I turned around—almost running towards another direction. I'll just text Nate and Katherine to go first without me. I reached the lobby, but someone grabbed my arm and spun me around.


I tried to jerk away, but his hand tightened on my arm, he glared back at me. Giving me a dangerous look at the people around us whispered.

He pulled me into another room and locked the door. The room we were in was the storage room.

"I'm disgusting?"

"Yes, you are. Let me go right now, or I'll scream."

His jaw twitched. "You haven't m

pulling me forward. He slid his cock into me, harshly. I wrapped my arms around his neck to maintain my balance.

"Do you want to know my answer? I fucking missed you. Every single night, " he rasped. "But too bad, you haven't."

He sank his cock into me. Hard.

"Ahhh!" I moaned. He smelled too good for a dream. I have been dreaming about him for the past few nights. Fucking me, giving me everything of him. It was all real this time. I closed my eyes, still hearing him saying my name.

"Damn, Scarlet…Fuck…I miss you so much."

He looked into my eyes, forcing himself inside me deeper. "Tell me that whenever you touch your pussy, you wished it was my cock inside you."

I swallowed hard. I was so turned on, I lost myself already.

"Tell me, Scarlet, " he whispered, and then he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Our saliva mixing together, our tongue swirling with the same rhythm as we were made for each other. He opened his eyes; I met his gaze. He was still kissing me while waiting for my answer.

He groaned. He slammed into me one more time for his final release, his cock hitting my spot. I tore my mouth away. "Yes"

A trace of a smile appeared on his lips but eventually faded. He gripped my waist until he stopped pounding. My head fell on his shoulder. He smelled of his sweat with a mixture of natural scent. I smelled freshly fucked.

Minutes later, he pulled out the condom and threw it in a trash bin. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped me with it first. When he finished drying me, he wiped it on his own. Damn it, it was so erotic. Even in the piece of cloth, we still mix together. He put his shaft back and zipped up his pants, "There won't be a condom next time." He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. "And I promise, I won't even let you sleep because I'll fuck you all night until morning."

Luke picked up my pants, and he put them back on to me. I helped him this time. He put me down on my feet.

"How long do you have to stay here?" he suddenly asked.

"My friends are waiting for me."

"Hmmm, tell your friend you're leaving first. I'll take you home tonight."

"Luke, you can't…we can't." I closed my eyes. I pressed a hand on his chest. "What about your date?"

"What about her?"

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