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   Chapter 48 Forty Eight

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Last night, I slept very well. Thanks to Katherine and the sweet live acoustic music. For the time being, I forgot how lonely I was. Until the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. Luke's face flashed back in my mind. I expected my day to be the same for the past nine days.

Katherine and Nate told me many reasons why Luke and I should not be together. I did not oppose it because they were right about everything.

First, he's my stepbrother, and that was the biggest deal. Second, we may have a relationship but it's only temporary. With Luke, there will be no happy endings. Third, he had issues and it was serious as mine. He had a secret woman; he was keeping his whole life. Lastly, they had a child together. They were a family. Who was I to get in the way?

Every fact was right in front of me. I had the evidence. He didn't deny it or even explained himself. Staying away was the right thing to do. But why couldn't I stop loving him?

I kept forcing my mind to not think about him. I was trying to divert my thoughts to other things like the live acoustic band last night. I was trying to change my thoughts thinking about the vocalist's husky voice or…or the long fingers of the guitarist? I was looking forward to going back to the Episode again.

I decided to turn my phone on. I cut myself to the world because of him. Katherine was right, I should not live like this forever. I went to my contacts and blocked Luke's number. He would not call or text me anyway. This should be the next step in forgetting the great Lucas Alejandro.

After the class, we went straight to Episode. Nate came with us this time. We arrived earlier than yesterday. Surprisingly, the bar is still close.

"See? I told you. They open at six, " Nate told us.

"Scar is just very excited to see that guitarist again." She giggled. "She couldn't stop watching him!" She gently squeezed my arm.

Nate blew out a sharp breath. "I knew you two would only catch boys here last night. That's why you didn't want me to come."

Katherine clicked her tongue, her mouth twitched. "If we caught one, we won't take you here today. Anyway, what should we do? It's still five."

"Do you think the owner is already inside?" I asked them. "Do you think I could talk to him?"

Nate narrowed his eyes at me suspiciously. "Why are you asking about the owner? Why would you talk to Sean?"

Katherine blinked her eyes, "I think so, why?"

"Sean? Ah, that's his name." I bit my lip. "Can you help me see him?"

"Hey, don't tell me—" Katherine's eyes widened.

"Tell you what?" Nate frowned.

Katherine slapped

"Listen, I need to talk to Scarlet in the office. I'll explain to her our general rules, her payment, her schedule and—"

"Wait, wait up! I have a payment?" I interrupted him.

"Yes, of course." He chuckled. "You're going to work here."

"I didn't know…" I bit my lip, "Wow…"

"What did you just come here thinking that you'll be singing here for free? I don't do that with people. Pure talent deserves compensation." He slipped his hands into his pocket." Shall we talk? The bar is about to open in ten minutes."

I swallowed my dry throat. I think I need water. "Okay."


Hi handsome, I know a nice place we can catch up tonight - Lisa

But before sending my next message, I checked her profile picture again. I added another question to my message.

Can we move the time to 11 p.m.? Are you sure you're the person in the picture? – Jax

Of course, it's me. Why would I use someone else's photo? – Lisa

Good. Because if it's not you, you can forget it and just fuck yourself – Jax

I smirked. The woman in the photo was slightly too good looking to be true. Curly blonde hair, pink pouty lips and she were showing half of her cleavage. She had freckles on her nose, but it's okay. She had perfect white teeth.

She replied. Don't worry, Romeo, I'll make sure you'll enjoy tonight. – Lisa

Where is it again? I often choose the place for my date. Remember, I trusted you with this one – Jax. I hit send.

I'll text you the address in a few. I'll just confirm our reservation. Don't worry, it's a perfect place – Lisa

I didn't reply. I tossed the phone back on the desk. I squeezed my temples in frustration. Pile of folders and documents were scattered all over my table. Damn it, where's that file again?

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