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   Chapter 47 Forty Seven

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It's been eight days since Mom and Thomas went back to Manhattan and it's been eight days since I last saw Luke. Every day, my stomach felt tight, my chest felt heavy, and I tested myself how long I would endure myself and to what extent could I hold back?

The food didn't taste right. My classes felt like a burden. I couldn't sleep well for the past few days. In the last two days, I checked my phone if I had a message, hoping to hurt myself more if I see his name. But I realized that it hurt even more when I found nothing.

I was sleepless. I had no appetite. I lost weight. I already lost it. Still, I was so proud of myself. I didn't beg him, make a scene or stalk him, just like how I did it before.

My ninth day made no difference. Same routine. I was getting up in the morning bored, going to school only to gawk, and going to the cafeteria only to stare at the food. It's the same pasta I loved, but it's just food with red color for me. Nothing more. Not even appetizing.

"This should not go on." Katherine finally said. "You are literally lifeless to me! I'm scared, and I'm worried about you. We're all going to graduate in a month. Are you really going messing this up now?" She rolled her eyes exaggeratedly, then followed by a heavy sigh.

"I told him I didn't want to see him again."

"Now you are talking. You know, I understand, right? I don't think I can still be sane if it was Nate."

"But I wanted to see him. I was so, so mad I said those words to him." I observed my lips shaking. I was about to cry again.

"I said I understand, but I don't like what's going on with you. How long are you going to keep going on like this?"

At times like this, I was still thankful that I had Katherine. How could I even lie to this beautiful soul?

"You're the best person I've ever known my whole life."

"Oh, Scar." She hugged me, rounding circles on my back. "You know I'll always be here for you, right? Like you've been there for me when I needed you."

I searched for her face. "What should I do?"

"Honestly, I don't know. It's difficult to have such kind of relationship in the first place."

"He will never see me again." My tears dropped on my cheeks.

"Of course, he will see you. Whether you like it or not, you'll see each other. Your mother married his dad."

"Can I just run away?"

"You're not in the right mind. You're going to live with them under the same roof in a month. I still didn't get why you told him you don't want to see him when you can't even stand the words you said to him."

"What am I going to do without you, Kath?"

She heaved a sigh. "I'm not even leaving you. Come on, Scar."

"But you're going to Scotland after you graduate, right?"

He greeted me, and then we shook hands.

"You're Nate's roommate?" I asked.

"I work here at night. My older brother over there runs this place." He pointed out the man on the stage.

"The one playing the beatbox?" I blinked my eyes.

"No, the guitarist. He owns this place. So, I have to go back to work. Enjoy the night." he said.

"Thanks, Joseph." I smiled at him.

Katherine looked at me, and she grinned meaningfully, "Good looking, isn't he?"

I shrugged. "I guess so." The man had a good built. Utterly charming, the boy next door smile. "Yeah."

"He's gay, " Katherine smiled.


"Nate knows, of course, but Joseph wouldn't dare touch him. He has a hot boyfriend."

"Don't let him hear that." I chuckled, shaking my head.

"But over there… His older brother is hot, too. See?"

I stared at the man on the stage. He was charming, he had broad shoulders, sturdy pair of jaws, long delicate fingers, just right for the guitar strings.

Yes, he was hot. Other than that, his voice sounds smooth. He should sing a solo. What's going on with me? I was not falling for this again.

Katherine chuckled. "Do you like to sing on the stage? A special request from an audience?"

"What? No, don't do that. I don't have practice."

"Oh come on, you always sing a Spanish song in the bathroom every morning. I'll ask Joseph to let you sing on the stage."

"Don't, please. It's embarrassing." I flushed.

"Not tonight, you girl. Tomorrow maybe. Let's just enjoy the drinks, " she said, and then she took a sip of her apple vodka.

I looked back at the stage again, and I watched the singer how she melodiously sang the song. Then my eyes shifted to the guitarist's handsome face, then down to his fingers and his guitar. It was really a peaceful night to momentarily forget my issues.

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