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   Chapter 46 Forty Six

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That woman was Stacy. She could be another Stacy, but why was my heart pounding so rapidly, telling me that she was Stacy that Luke didn't want to me to know?

Everything fits, the harder I think about it. She's the exact definition of Luke's type—a blonde Barbie doll; except, of course, the wheelchair.

I didn't have the right to ask her who she was, so I didn't say anything further. But I don't have a good feeling about her. Should I just leave?

"Excuse me, how can I help you?" the woman in the lobby attire appeared in front of us.

"I'm looking for Luke, " Stacy answered first.

"I'm Mr. Alejandro's assistant. He's currently in a meeting."

"Are you new here? Don't you know who I am?" She eyed the assistant coldly.

"Do you know what time will the meeting end?" I asked the receptionist nicely instead.

"No, Ma'am. I'm very sorry. Do you have a message I can rely on to him?" she asked.

"Miss. I did not come all the way here just to get kicked out by a mere employee, " the woman ranted. "Are you blind or you just can't see? I can't walk. It would be difficult for me to come back!"

"Please, I've been asked to hold anyone who does not have an appointment, " the receptionist pleaded, keeping her composure.

"Even though his child is waiting for him?"

"Ma'am?" The receptionist eyes' grew wide as well as mine.

Did I hear her, right?

"His daughter is waiting for him downstairs. Should I just tell my daughter that her Dad's assistant is getting in the way?"

My heartbeat thudding amplified, and my hands began shaking. My lips part. His daughter? Her daughter? Then it's the same, Stacy. It was her. The woman he was hiding and the woman she couldn't tell me.

They had a daughter?

The world stopped spinning for a moment. It's like someone had ripped my heart out. I couldn't hear anything anymore. My hands drenched with cold sweat. I needed to get out of here.


I had no one to ask to come with me, but I didn't want t

jaw twitched. "Don't lie to me."

I smirked. Don't lie to me either. "I really didn't. I was planning to, but Nate called so…"

His grip on my arm tightened. He gritted this teeth. "You need to be fucked."

"Excuse me?"

He didn't let me finish my sentence. He cupped my face, and he crushed his lips on mine, but I kept my mouth closed. He was tried using his tongue to open me up. He was pressing me against his body with his mouth forcing me to respond.

I moaned in displeasure. I didn't want to be treated this way. I tried to push him, but he was hard as rock and needy. I was no matched for his strength.

"Hmmm… Luke… Stop… Hmmm…" I shoved his body with all of my strength, and when he finally stepped back, I slapped his face.

"I fucking hate you! Don't you ever do that to me again!"

His head lifted slowly but in utter astonishment. He touched his face, and he glared back at me.

I had hurt Luke and I couldn't stop myself either. I hate him so much for lying to me, for not telling me everything. He knew everything about me; he kept on putting me in the dark.

"Did you know?" he asked, his voice tortured.

I grounded my teeth. I began to cry. "Don't ever show your face to me again. I came here for Mom. This is the last time you'll ever pull your shit on me!"

I stormed out of the way.

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