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   Chapter 45 Forty Five

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I gawked at the two people in front of me. What they were asking from me was fucking dangerous.

"I'm not going to allow you. It's not an option period."

"But Luke, you can't show your face to him. You must work behind the curtains. I'm sure he knows you're related to Scarlet, " Rebecca said.

I squeezed my temples with my fingers. "But you're asking me to put you in charge. It's dangerous, Rebecca. Dad wouldn't want you to do that."

"Rebecca's right, Mr. Alejandro, " Ryan said. "No one knows who she is while people know who you are."

"I want to see him face to face, " I nearly shouted.

"We understand your position, but why do you think Scarlet doesn't want you to meet him?" Rebecca's voice was filled with apprehension.

I clenched my fist.

Apparently, I wanted to fucking crush his face. But they were right yes. I don't think I'd be able to control myself if I see him.

"Ryan, what do you think?"

He looked at me. "He's not an ordinary man. He is rich. He has people who work for him. We should have a clear plan. These are the list of his assets." He handed me a black folder. "This is the only thing I can get."

"I have tons of folders like this in my hand, you know? Should I build a library just for these?" I rolled my eyes in displeasure.

"But you did give us a lot of jobs to do since that kid came into your life, " Rebecca complained. I knew she was referring to Scarlet.

"Don't call her a kid. If it's not me, Dad would definitely ask you to do this." I didn't open the folder. "I'm too tired to read this. I don't care how rich that man is."

"That's why you have to let me. I have a good profile. It's enough for him to bite the bait."

"We're going to buy a club triple its price. The more I think about it, the more I realize it's crazy."

"It's still a good investment, Luke, " she convinced positively. "Didn't you say you were planning on opening a club?"

"Opening, " I corrected. "Not buying someone else's business. Not when the owner is that fucking rapist. What else do you have in mind?" Thinking about it just made my blood boil.

"Ryan is planning on something. Ryan?" she prompted.

"Actually, I didn't really suggest that to her, she just thought it was possible. But, there's an advantage to that. We're just going to make it look like you are buying the club—not actually buying it."


h you?" she asked.

"It's fine. I'll have my driver fetch me at your place later."

She smiled. "Thank you, Luke. I knew you wouldn't refuse."

"I'm not doing this for you."

"All right." She sighed. "But can you help me get up?"

I nodded. I wrapped an arm supporting her back and my other arm under her legs. She clasped her arms around my neck then I slid her into the seat. I stepped into the passenger seat after. Then I found Carlie lying in the back seat with her thumb in her mouth.

I smiled at the sight of her. She was just a little angel. Stacy gently placed her head on her lap.

On the road a few minutes later, my phone rang.


"Oh! Hi, darling. Are you on your way home?" she asked with her usual high pitched tone.

"I'm going to be late, why?"

"Really? I cooked a good dinner. When are you and Scarlet coming?"

"What? I'm not with her."

"Really? But she said her classes finished early today. She called me this afternoon and told me that she's going to see you in your office."

"I didn't see her today."

"Really? I'm certain that she went to see you. Where did that child go? Her phone is out of coverage. Anyway, come home early."

"Yes. I'll see you later, then"

"Call me if you reached her. Bye!" And then she hung up.

Scarlet certainly didn't call or tell me that she was coming. It's not like her to leave without telling anyone. Did she go to her friend?

No, no. Gene and Dad are leaving tomorrow. I asked her to stay.

I tried calling her number but went straight to the voicemail. Damn it, where was she?

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