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   Chapter 41 Forty One

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I had thrown a fist with someone before. He was used to be my cousin, my trusted friend. I almost killed him. He was hospitalized for three days, and his parents loathed me. He had broken ribs. I had fractured his fingers. My father always thought that I did it for fun. He even apologized to my uncle and gave them compensation. He used to think so lowly of me. He didn't even know what really happened.

Tony had been throwing rocks behind my back by dating Stacy. He knew I loved her. He knew she was going to be the woman I'll marry. But what did he do? He broke my trust. He ruined our friendship. The day I found out the child isn't mine, the day I wanted to kill a person.

But I didn't, because it's not worth it.

I'd changed. A lot. My father resented me for having a son like me. But I did not care. He wanted me to take over the company as his only son, but I build my own instead. I helped him. Sure, but it's the way of showing him that I hated him for taking Tony's side, calling me useless. My chest felt covered with stone.

I had never thought of opening my heart to anyone.

Until pure broken heart and soul came to me and had shaken my world.

How many days had it been? Was it a week? No. It was more than two weeks. I'd known her for such a short time, but she already captured me genuinely.

Gently, I held her arms, feeling the coldness of her sweat against my palm.

"He owns the club, Luke, " she murmured, and she wasn't even blinking.

"Do you still remember the name?"

She gulped hard. "I… "

"It's okay." I pulled her close and squeezed her tight. "It's okay… you don't have to remember." I whispered, stroking her hair softly. She was still shaking. "I'm so sorry, Scarlet. I shouldn't have pressured you."

I remembered she broke down at Aries' clinic, and I had forced her to tell me what happened to her. It was my fucking fault.

How was I supposed to leave her now? How was I supposed to stop? Two months? Fuck. I don't think I could bear to let her be alone again. She was weak, she was longing for someone to be with her. Not her mother, or a friend, but someone that would cherish her. I kept telling myself that it should not be me. I was incapa


"Yes, " I replied quietly.

"Come here now, darling, " Mom called Thomas. "Breakfast is ready!" Mom asked his husband to join us. I glanced at him to check if he was going to come to the table.

"Later, darling." He answered, but his eyes still focused on the newspaper.

Mom sighed. "What happened to you last night?" she asked Luke.

"You know him. He still treats me like this." He clenched his jaw.

Mom rubbed his back fondly. "Let me check your face before you go."

Luke smiled but didn't touch his eyes. "I'm fine."

After breakfast, Mom brought Thomas' breakfast in the living room. I watched her as she began a conversation with him gesturing her hand in the air. Her expression concerned. Thomas put down the newspaper on the table.

"It's the first time I saw them argued, " I said.

"You'll to witness that again when you come home after you graduate."

I sighed a deep breath. "That again, " I whispered.


"My graduation."

"So that's why you have to think about it." He said out of nowhere.

I frowned. "Think of what?"

"When are you going to give me an answer?"

"I don't think I understand…"

"I think you do. I also think that you heard me. I made sure that you heard it."

I blinked. What's he saying?

He rolled his eyes. "I really hate repeating myself."

"Repeat what…?"

Oh no. Was it real? I caught my mouth.

"Do you want me to break the two-month agreement? Because I decided to let stay…"

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