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   Chapter 40 Forty

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"Promise me that you won't tell my mother." I lifted up my head and met his eyes. "And please, don't judge me."

"I promise. I told you, nothing would make me change my mind."

I grinned then pressed a kiss to his mouth. "Do we need a drink for this?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah… that's a good suggestion."

Luke stood up as if he wasn't hurt. I shrugged, thinking that I must've worried too much. Maybe I might lead the conversation to something more. I wanted to know more about him too.

He went out of the door then came back, holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He sat on the bedside table and filled the glasses. He handed me one.

"So shall we start?"

"How about you ask the questions?" I suggested.

"Hmm." He nodded, then gulped the liquor straight. "All right."

I took a deep breath, getting ready for the possible questions he might ask. I must remember too that Luke had jealous tendencies.

"Where did you meet the guy?"

Okay. Not harmful to the first question.

"I met him at a club."

He frowned. "What the hell are you doing in a club?"

"I came with friends. Girls night."

"Okay. So you met him there, asked you for a drink, you got to know each other, and then you become close." He gulped another shot of his drink. "So typical. You fell in love, and then you married him. Why didn't know he's married?"

My mouth dropped open. "Whoa! That's a heavy conclusion. That's not what happened." I stared at him, surprised. "Are you writing a movie script?"

He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. It keeps getting in my head."

"Umm…" I pressed my lips together tightly. "I didn't love him. Never. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"You didn't?" He frowned, confused. "Then, how?"

"I had a friend, her name's Diana. She liked him. I introduced her to him to avoid him, but he kept bothering me. I knew I was a bad fr

blinked my eyes. "He locked me up for days, and I had always been... alone with not enough food to eat. At night, he would force him to have sex with him."

He brushed his scalp with his fingers. "I'm going to kill him." He cursed under his breath, "How about your friends? What are they doing? You were gone. Forget it. I don't want to know. It's fucking too much to hear. But how did you get out? How did you break free?"

"I didn't. He left."

"What? Why? After all, his depravity? I swear to you. I'm going to fucking kill him!"

"I don't know, and I don't want to know. But he did tell me that he'll come back."

"That's why I need to find him first." He clenched his fist, rage had filled his eyes; he was almost ready to kill. "I'll find him, and I will crush him. That's a promise."

"Luke, I don't want your hands to get dirty for someone like him. It's not worth it."

He stood up, and he pressed his forehead against mine. "You are worth it."

He deeply kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his mouth nuzzled on my temple.

This was enough for me. Me and him.

"Do you think we could find out any information about that fucker?"

"Luke…" I breathed as realization suddenly took over me. "He owns the club…"

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