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   Chapter 39 Thirty Nine

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I didn't understand why he had to come here to fetch me, but also, fortunately, he completely ignored Nate. Luke had changed in a short matter of time, but I liked that change. I just couldn't help to think negatively. If I end up too consumed by him, it would be difficult to be apart from him.

Thomas was at home when we arrived, and they were in the living room mom with Mom watching some late-night show. I greeted him with a peck on the cheek. I kissed Mom on her forehead.

"Good evening Scarlet, " Thomas greeted back, but the usual sweet tone wasn't present in his voice.

"Have you eaten yet, my dears?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, on our way here, " Luke answered.

"Lucas, can I talk to you?" Thomas said, but still not looking.

"Of course, what is this about?"

"About the Japanese, can we talk about it alone?"

Luke frowned. "At this hour?"

"Yes. Follow me, my office." Thomas stood and walked first.

"You mean 'my' office, " he mumbled but didn't let his father hear. "I'll help you unpack later, " he whispered in my ear.

I nodded. I wonder what happened. I sat next to Mom.

"Go ahead, Luke. Your dad must be having a problem, " Mom initiated.

Lucas didn't respond. I could see the disappointment in his eyes, but he eventually went upstairs and followed after Thomas.

"Do you know what's going on?" I asked Mom.

"Nah. I don't interfere too much with Thomas's work. I just know that he was bothered by something."

I shrugged. "Sounds like Thomas." I picked potato chips from the table.

"I see you're getting along well with Lucas. I haven't seen him like that before in front of his relatives."

"Seen him like how?

"I notice the way he looks at you, Scarlet, and I'm old enough to know the meaning of it, " she winked at me, "and as a woman, you do know what I'm talking about."

Oh, my God. Did she notice? Did she know what's going on with me and Luke? No, no. I knew my mother. If she knew what was happening, this wouldn't be her reaction. She'll faint. She'll get mad at me. She'll tell Thomas.

Oh no. She told Thomas, and that's why Thomas asked for Luke in private.

My heart began beating fast, but I still decided to play dumb. "W-what do you mean?"

"Luke cares for you, Scarlet. Thomas thinks his son was very distant. Luke was a good son, but he doubted him. But with you, he doesn't seem cold and distant. I think it's a very good sign."

I sighed. I really thought she found out. I noticed Luke has changed too. But it was harsh to doubt him as a good person. Not by his own father.

"How could Thomas doubt his own son? Luke might be cold, but it's just a mask. He is soft inside. You just have to look at him that way."

"Do you think that I didn't

you can't tell me."

I swallowed hard. How could I ever tell him? His reaction was the same every time we talk about the devil. I always see a disappointment in his eyes.

I tried to change to subject. "Is that why Thomas hurt you?"

He slightly nodded. "As soon as I get inside the room, he threw his fist at me."

"How did he even know?"

"I don't know. Maybe he got tired and didn't trust me, so he looked for it himself. I'm going to ask Rebecca tomorrow. She's afraid of him as well. It's another possible reason."

I bit my lip hard, my tears building up again. "This is my fault. You got hurt because of me."

"I'm fine. This isn't the first time he hurt me."

Oh God, no.

I looked at his face. He took all the beating because of me. He got hurt because I couldn't tell him about the devil. I rested my head on his chest. I wrapped my arms around his body.

"What should we do now?"

"Pretend that I didn't tell you. You'll tell me about them. I will erase him out of your life for good before my father does." He blew out a sharp breath. "… And with Dad, it would be in a different way."

I think I understand now why he said that way about Thomas. The stepfather I knew was sweet, thoughtful, and generous. He even sent me to Harvard and paid for my college. He married my mother and gave him gave her a comfortable life. But there's something off about him. I found out just now. He could hurt his son using his own hands. How about when he finds out what I was doing in this room… with his son. I don't want to know.

But what's important for now was to avoid Luke from getting hurt. "I'm sorry you got caught up in the middle of this."

"All I ask from you is your cooperation, and you couldn't give me that."

"I'm going to tell you now, " I surrendered. "I'm telling you everything."

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