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   Chapter 37 Thirty Seven

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The sound of the devil's name alone made my stomach twist. How much more have an unfortunate past with him? If only I could change the past, I already have. There was no way I would love a man like Raoul. He was pure unmerciful evil.

I begged him. I even got down on my knees when I did it. He locked me up in his house for almost a month. I was unable to go to school. I always had bruises. He was hurting me. He only allowed me to use my phone so the people would not expect anything. I lied to my friends, I lied to Mom. But it was only Nate who began to suspect what was going on with me. Katherine thought I was in love and I was probably out of my mind when I told him I'm going to marry.

Everyone thought I was in love, but I wasn't. How could I love a man like that?

"I never loved that devil, Luke. I just don't want you to meet him." I stared back at Luke.

His eyes narrowed. "Then why can't you tell us?" he asked, breathlessly.

I clenched my fist. Why was everyone so interested in my life story? If what they were saying was true and if they could erase him without any trace, why not just do it? Why torture me for some information I wasn't willing to give? It was harassment at its finest.

"I'm telling you that I don't know where he is. That's the only thing I could tell you. I'm not interested in finding out where he is. You're only going to waste your time. He isn't someone you treat lightly."

Raoul's family wasn't a joke either. He was rumored to be a grandson of a Senator. I don't know if it was true, but I knew that his father was the governor by the time I knew him.

"And I'm someone he shouldn't treat lightly, too. Are you underestimating what I can do?" Luke voice was low and dangerous.

"It's not what I mean, Luke." I rolled my eyes. "Don't even start with me, you can't expect me to say anything when you can't even tell me about Stacy. You asked me to trust you, now can I ask you the same?"

"Hold on… Luke, she knows about Stacy?" Rebecca interrupted. Her eyes flitted back and forth from Luke's face to mine.

"And your lawyer knows about this mystery woman, and I don't?" I questioned.

"I don't know what's going on here anymore." Rebecca shook her head in surrender.

"I just know the name by accident. I don't really know who she is, " I explained.

Luke's jaw twitched. "This isn't about me, " He squeezed his brows with his two fingers, and then he let out a heavy breath.

"Luke, I think we should take a break for now. I'll see what else I can do. Your father was already asking me the documents." Rebecca left document with the devil's information on the desk.

are still in your apartment, Luke."

"Dad isn't home right now. I was told that he's in the office. I'm sure Gene won't bother us in the shower." Luke unbuckled his seatbelt and then stepped out of the car. He turned around to the other side to open the door for me.

I stepped out, and he caught my waist immediately. Our chest adhered.

"Join me, " he whispered in a low tone.

Damn, his flirting. My sex clenched. A cold bath would suffice the heat I was feeling but not today. "Mom will suspect if we get inside your room in daylight. Don't you have work to do?"

His brows met. "Yeah, I have to make a few phone calls."

"Good, because I need to sit with my mother's endless story-telling."

"Make it up to me tonight then." He kissed my mouth. "I miss you sitting on my mouth."

I broke off the kiss and pressed a finger on his lip. "And I also have to see Katherine at dinner and our dorm. My dorm misses me."

He groaned. "Are you sure it's just your dorm who misses you?"

I frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing. Just make it sure you're here at night."

"Of course, I'll be back. I need to sleep, too, you know?"

"That's disappointing. I don't really plan on just sleeping tonight." He leaned over my ears and whispered. "I plan to fuck you until morning. There's still a part of my room we need to try. I think it's by the window."

I slapped his arm, and then I chuckled. "And I have to go to school tomorrow, Luke."

"Damn it. Your tight schedule is killing me. I'll wake you up then I'll just drive you to Harvard tomorrow."

"Really? You'll do that?" I bit my lower lip, smiling.

"Yes, " he answered and then he gave me a quick kiss. "Come, I'm sure Gene can't wait to tell her endless story."

I laughed with him.

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