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   Chapter 36 Thirty Six

Mr. Untouchable (Billionaire #1) By Ann Margarette Characters: 5102

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At that moment. I knew for sure, this man was mine. But when I thought I was finally giving in to his words, I was interrupted by an intruder. What the heck was going on?

"Hey, I'm sorry. I'm very late!" It was Rebecca, in a bright red dress. "Did I missed something?" Rebecca asked.

"Nothing. You're just in time." Luke told her. In time? Did Luke call her here? We were just talking about opening up or something. Why was she here?

"I'm sorry, I surprised you, Ms. Carter, " she asked me. Her voice sounded sincere, but then she looked around and frowned. "Why are there no people here? Anyway, I'm here to show you this."

I don't get it. Was this why he asked me to come here? Just to meet with this woman? Why did he call him? I thought this was our quality time. He deceived me.

"It's okay, just call me Scarlet, please." I wiped my mouth with a napkin.

"Okay, Scarlet. I'm so sorry again."

"Any progress? Did you bring the documents?" he asked Miss Universe.

I decided to call her that name because she looked exactly the exact definition of Luke's type. It was freaking frustrating.

"Oh yes, of course." She took out a few folders from her briefcase.

I need an explanation. What was she doing here right now when she was supposed to be in New York? Why do we have to talk about these documents now? I was confused.

"Wait, wait. Can someone tell me what's going on?" I interrupted.

"I ask you to meet here because I've been working on the files I promised you." Luke leaned in m

d softly and then she looked at me. "Listen, you have to cooperate with us, so we could help you, " she said. I hated that she knew about this.

I shook my head. "I'm not going to do this."

"Tell me now and if you don't… there will be other ways to find out, " Luke said. "And if I find him, I'm going to ask him everything I want to know. Do you want it that way?"

"I don't want you to find him. I don't want to make another connection with him, " I reasoned. "You said you can wipe out the information like it did not happen. You already dug on my life and made it this far, but I can't do this. I don't want you to look for him. End of the story."

Luke seethed under his breath. I never saw him so angry like this. "You don't want us to meet him or maybe you really not over him? What exactly did he do you?" Luke asked in low dangerous voice.

I can't believe it. Did he just ask me that in front of Rebecca? Did he really think that I married the guy because I loved him? God! I was done with this.

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