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   Chapter 32 Thirty Two

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Luke put a pile of folders in front of me and a black signing pen. It's the same folders he was holding the night his lawyer visited us in New York. We sat across the table. Luke was holding the same folders.

"This is the original documents." He pointed out the folders he was holding. "You're holding a photocopy. Shall we begin?"

I cleared my throat. "Are you sure we're going to do this? I mean, are you willing to give your assets to me?"

"If you are asking me if I was sure about transferring my assets, I'm going to give you an honest answer, " he paused, and then he looked down at the papers. "No. I don't want to give it. I worked for it. I spent long hours of my life just to earn it."

I blew out a deep breath. Alright. That answer was straightforward, no? "I understand. I'm a stranger to the family."

"Exactly. But since you're still my dad's stepdaughter, he wants to give you something because he's generous while you really don't deserve to get any. Based on my opinion."

He looked into my eyes. His words were sharp. What exactly did he mean by that? I felt a slight pinch in my heart.

"Your… opinion?"

He opened the first folder in front of him. I frowned at the paper. It's a record from the police. I gasped his name on what I saw. I bit my lower lip hard.

"I think you already understand why. Let's proceed. You have a case—"

"Wait, wait. Are you really going to read it to me out loud? I can read it, " I hissed cautiously.

"Are you embarrassed?"

I suddenly felt my cheeks burned. I looked down at my lap.

"Oh, you are?" He raised an eyebrow. "Pretend that I'm Rebecca. You're lucky you don't need to listen to it coming from her. I asked her to give the files to me so I could discuss it with you."

"Okay, " I whispered.

"You have a case of trespassing, stalking, disturbing the peace from shouting in public and smacking an officer. In short, Miss Carter, you are a violent person."

My jaw dropped. How did his lawyer found out about this? Their civil investigation was frightening. I didn't know which else they found out.

"You're not going to answer to that?" he asked.

eally feel?

I shut my eyes and remembered everything, in my mind, in my heart. After my abusive relationship with Raoul, I lost self-confidence. I lost myself. I became someone who wasn't me. I became insecure and overly jealous about simple things. I just couldn't help it. I couldn't prevent it from happening. If it weren't from Katherine and Nate, I might be spending my whole life in jail.

So I stopped seeing someone for a while now because being in a relationship with someone wasn't healthy. I focused on my studies and then I met Jax. I could say that he was the safest man on earth I could rely on. I didn't have to meet him. I didn't need to know about him.

But then, Jax turned out to be Luke, which made a massive turn of events. I was afraid of becoming who I was in the past.

"It fulfills me. It gives me satisfaction…" I answered his question.

"You always have something to shock me, don't you know that?" he remarked.

I sighed. Bravo, Scarlet. You officially turned him off.

"I don't want you to know."

He stared at me for several seconds, and I itched to know what he was thinking. He stood in front of his chair, and he leaned on his desk. "I'm going to help you, " his tone was low and even.

"I don't think you can. I can't even help myself. I'm damaged."

"Shh…" He pressed a thumb on my lips, and then he pressed a kiss to my forehead. "I'll make sure these things won't happen again."

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