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   Chapter 27 Twenty Seven

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Luke kissed me in as if my mouth was his favorite food. He was aggressive, needy, and hungry like he was searching for something. My muscles tensed, and my senses stirred up. His hand dropped to my waist, then his fingers slowly slipping into my shirt. I shivered. Immediately, I caught his hand. I almost forgot that we were in his office. Anyone could enter at any moment.

He stopped the kiss. Our mouth slightly parted, but his gaze remained. My lips felt swollen. I don't think I c, ould ever resist him anymore. I wanted him to kiss me again, but I was afraid of the aftermath. This won't change the fact that he was hiding something from me. I know I shouldn't care because it's his life, but when it comes to Luke, everything became a real deal.

"We can't." I swallowed hard. "We can't make this work."

"Why not?" he muttered. He brushed his fingers along my jaws, and his eyes fixed intently on mine.

"I think you know why. You've been lying to me."

"No. I never lied to you Scarlet."

"But you're withholding the truth."

"Look at me, " he ordered in a rough voice. The tip of his nose touched mine. "I need to ask you something."

I gazed back at him.

"Would it matter?"

I blinked. "What?"

"Would it matter now when I tell you about this?"

"Of course it would, " I admitted. "I understand that this is your privacy, but at least I need to know if I'm about to cross a line and hurt someone. Stacy, for example."

He pressed his forehead with mine. "She's nothing to worry about. I told you a couple of times."

"But you won't tell me who she is?"

He scowled, and then he parted away from me and sat at the edge of the desk. "If I tell you, what would change? We did not agree to disclose anything as you decided not to tell me about your case. I don't want to talk about it, but I am telling the truth. You have nothing to worry about Stace. She's an acquaintance. That's all I can say to you."

I snorted, but I felt my cheeks flushed. I didn't know he was still thinking about it. "So that's it? You are just using my own issue against me? My case is not the same with yours."

He shut his eyes and clenched his jaw. "No. You l

l you trust me?"

"Should I ask you the same thing? Do I have a choice?"

Cambridge, MA. Three years ago...

"Stop lying to me, Stacy. You fucked another man, and he is my fucking cousin. I told you I loved you and I gave you everything. I even proposed to you, but you lied to me about my daughter. I loved her. I held her in my arms. You told me that she's mine, but she clearly isn't but Jonas'. But even if I knew she isn't mine, I loved her. You ran away for a year with five million I gave for Carlie. You took her away from me, and how dare you to come back telling me that you need me?"

She gripped her wheelchair and tried to follow me with all of her strength. "Carlie needs you, Luke. I don't need anything, and I'm not going to ask you to come back to me. All I want for you is to support my child. It's going to be difficult for me."

I stared at her artificial leg. She had a car accident that almost took her life. I wanted to pity her. But she destroyed my life.

"Ah, that's not everything. You accused me of Jonas' murder and you, get me in prison for two fucking months. But your evidence is fabricated, so I managed to get myself out of that hell."

"Carlie has leukemia, Luke."

"What? What did you say?"

"I'm not asking you to come back to me, just save my child, Luke. You do love her right? Please?"

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because she's your daughter, too. The one she knew, at least. And she needs you."

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