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   Chapter 25 Twenty Five

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When we arrived at the dorm, I went straight to my bed. Katherine seemed to understand that I wasn't in the mood, so she asked Nate to go home. I lay flat on my bed and buried my face in the pillows.

I wasn't really a crybaby, but I'd cried a lot before I missed mom or when I was forced to marry Raoul or the other heartbreaks in the past. I let out my emotion moderately, but it was never like this. Hearing Luke's name alone could make me cry.

I was in too deep. I kept remembering the night I was in his arms, his body, his scent and the warmth of skin against mine. It was only one night, and I'd already missed him. I doubt that I would ever meet a man who would make me feel the same. Only him.

Katherine came back to my door an hour later. I was reading Luke's messages to me repeatedly when he was still Jax.

I felt Katherine sat on the edge of my bed.

"Hey, you can't be like this all the time, you know?" she said softly.

I sobbed hard. "He's still texting me, and I'm itching to respond. I wanted to avoid him, but I can't do that when he's my stepbrother." I wiped my tears away.

"Oh, honey. Nobody's perfect, and I completely understand you. But you need to get up and wash up, don't you think?"

I forced myself to sit up. "I'm sorry. You must be so tired of me."

"Oh, come on. Who wouldn't?" Her shoulders fell. "He's not even your boyfriend, and you are torturing yourself like this."

"I feel pathetic."

She slapped my arm. I swear Katherine had a heavy hand.


"No. YOU look pathetic. I shouldn't have let Nate leave so he would see you in this state so he could slap the truth out of you." Katherine sprang up. "Anyway, you should come out. There's a package for you, " she lowered down her voice.

I blinked. "From who?"

"I don't know. I didn't open it. There's probably a note inside. Just come out now and check it.

"Fine." Lazily, I got off the bed and w

personal email address too. The message was sent ten minutes ago.

Subject: Earrings

Do you like it?

Lucas Alejandro

CEO, Alejandro Technologies, Inc.


Subject: Re: Earrings

Unfortunately, I liked it, but just don't think I can accept it. Why did you send me this, Luke?



Subject: Re: Re: Earrings

Peace offering? Two months is a short time. You can be free of me after two months. I promise you that.

Lucas Alejandro

CEO, Alejandro Technologies, Inc.


Subject: Re: Re: Re: Earrings

Is this a bribe then? Okay, let's meet, and I'll return this to you.



Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Earrings

Keep it. It's yours. And stop defying me. One more night. Just talk. If you really think I'm lying to you, I will let you go.


Lucas Alejandro

CEO, Alejandro Technologies, Inc.


I hesitated to reply. I realized now what was wrong with me. It was his effect he was giving me that I couldn't resist him, , and he clearly knew it. Sneaky, bastard.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Earrings

Sounds fair. I'll see you tomorrow.


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