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   Chapter 24 Twenty Four

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My best friends were at the restaurant with Anthony when I arrived. The Knights restaurant was semi-casual-semi-formal restaurant bar with bright yellow lights that hung on the windows. It wasn't crowded, and soft jazz music was playing inside.

Fortunately, it wasn't all awkward since I found my friends laughing about something, including Nate. I knew he didn't like Anthony, but he could be very understanding most of the time.

Honestly, I wanted to go home after my encounter with Luke, but I didn't want to disappoint my friends by leaving them. It was rude. I waltzed towards their table and they were already having an iced cold red tea.

"Oh, you're here. What happened?" Katherine asked. "That was quick. This is for you." She pushed one glass of red tea to my side.

"He left early, " I said with a quick smile.

"Hey, I heard that your brother came, is everything alright?" Anthony asked and he sounded sincere.

"I'm fine, thanks." I smiled. "What's up now?"

"We're just talking about Professor Sanders, " he replied with a chuckle then Anthony cleared his throat. "So, shall we place our orders? I've been here once this week at the opening, and their burger is good."

"Yeah, sure. I'd like a burger then."

"But why don't we just let the boys go to the counter for us?" She grinned sweetly at his boyfriend.

"No problem, " Nate said. "Come on, man." He patted Antony's shoulder, and they stood up.

"I thought Nate didn't like him?" I observed as we watch two men approached the counter.

"It seems like Anthony's a good guy. Not to mention one of the top undergrads in the program." Kath took a sip of her tea. "This is refreshing, and the place is nice."

I glanced at the bar which stocked with beverages and there stood a young bartender in a gray dress shirt and a black vest.

"I think I want to try their club sodas."

Katherine chuckled, then her mood suddenly changed. "So, I just want to tell you something."


"Listen, I heard Luke Alejandro never stepped foot in Harvard for a long time despite being an alumnus. Your stepbrother was the summa cum laude in his class years ago. They've been trying to invite him every year to make a speech to the graduates, but he always refused."

I frowned. "Okay, so?"

"But he came just to see you. Can you imagine that?" Katherine whispered as if it's some kind of a secret that shouldn't b


My heart clenched. So he did fuck her. There really was something about that Stacy. She's probably one of her fuck buddies before and decided to keep her as a friend, or perhaps more. It means she was more important than me. Damn it. I apparently said nothing to him.

Anymore? Which means you still did. I hit send, and my fingers already shaking.

- Stop texting and just talk to me in person.

Then why do you keep on replying?

- Because I need you to understand that our agreement has nothing to do with Stacy. You are the only woman who slept in my bed and sit in my mouth for hours. Just come to me, and we will talk.

Agreement? Right. It was only an agreement. We agreed to sex with no strings attached for two months, so I should not be complaining. I shouldn't even care about his other affairs or flings because it's ONLY an agreement. For Luke, it was simple as that, but for me? It would shatter me, break me. He didn't know I had already fallen in love with him.

"Are you alright?" Anthony interrupted my thoughts. "Are you crying?"

I blinked my eyes. I didn't know I was already crying. I wiped away the tears immediately.

"Scar, are you okay?" Katherine asked, sincerely.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. It's the effect of long hours in front of the computer." I reasoned. "I'm sorry, but I think I need to go home."

"It's alright. You need to rest your eyes. We can still come here some other time."

"Yes. Thank you."

I typed another response before I finally decided to turn off my phone.

Go fuck yourself, Luke. Don't text me anymore.

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