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   Chapter 21 Twenty One

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"You're getting dressed already?"

"I'm hungry. I need real food, " I said.

Luke watched me put on my clothes. He sat up, letting the white sheets fall off his torso down his waist.

He was such a tease, and I knew just how to lure me. I felt his burning gaze on my body. I had not encountered a man that held stamina like his. I bet he could put under his spell for the entire day. I spun around because I might end up having sex again with him.

"Or we can just ask for a delivery." He shrugged.

"Aren't you going out today?" I secured the hook of my bra then put a shirt on. "If you always do that to the women you screw online, then not to me."

"I'd never done this before."

I heaved a sigh. "I'm serious."

"Ugh! I'm going to the kitchen. I'm starving!"

He flashed out half-smile. "So am I."

I shook my head, then picked up the towel I used, and I threw it to him. "Take a shower now, please? And I don't want a deliver food right now."

He chuckled. "Alright. There's a restaurant two blocks away." He stepped out of the bed and kissed my forehead.

I crossed my arms. "I also need to go home, Luke."

"I'll take you." He shook his head, still smiling. "I don't understand what you do to me."

He slipped into the bathroom.

While I wait for him, I checked my phone and there were no messages, so I opened my Facebook instead. I have 35 notifications. Gee.

There were likes and comments with my new profile picture. I took it at Thomas with the ocean view behind me. I was very active on social media sites from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I was planning to create a blog, too, but I would need much time to create one since I was also busy with my thesis. However, I had really no interest in using a dating site. The only reason I created an account to ProExpress was for professional use and was only Luke aka Jax whom I talked to.

I exited the app and found something on YouTube. I pressed a thumbnail with an exciting title.

Christopher Emerson's Signed-Up To A New Rom-Com Movie.


Suddenly, a sound of beep and light from another phone caught up my attention. It was Luke's iPhone over the bedside table. I ignored the first tone, but it beeped

must be on my side, the marriage was invalid.

I had tried many times to bury the horror I went through and live a normal life, but what he did to me was unforgivable. I couldn't love him, and he abused me, used me.

Later after my nightmare, I knew I was not the person my mother was proud of. I had seven boyfriends and several flings I couldn't count anymore.

With the seven ones, I tried to move on, but I became insecure. I had become obsessive… possessive. I was always paranoid. I accused them of cheating. I fought with them, read messages on their phone, I asked them for their passwords, and I opened their social media accounts. But my obsession drove them to leave anyway, so I shut myself and promised to stop finding the real deal.

Unfortunately, I was obsessing with Luke now, and it wasn't healthy, not to mention he was Thomas's son. A relationship with him was only going to mess up my feelings or my mind.

I didn't want the person I'd become in the past. I don't want anything like that with Luke, so I agreed to the short, no string attached relationship.

But what I was doing was right now was the same. It was all coming back. I accidentally read a text message, and I've gone running away. I didn't want to create another demon that would haunt me for the rest of my life. I had enough heartache.

A message suddenly popped out of my screen, thinking it was Katherine Luke's name appeared on my screen. I read the message.

- Where are you?

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