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   Chapter 20 Twenty

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We couldn't stop kissing, sucking and licking each other's mouth until we reached the bed. He put me down the bed, and he came immediately on top of me. He was like a hungry lion eating its prey. My lips broke from his then his eyes narrowed at me, and he cupped my sex.

"I'm going to devour you here, but for now, I need to feel you."

He stepped out of the bed and pulled down his pants, and his shaft sprang free. He was so hard, thick, and massive. I worried if he would fit.

Luke pulled out a drawer and grabbed a condom. He tore the packaging with his teeth and slid it on. He crept back on top of me and repositioned himself between my legs. I felt the tip of his cock slid on my slit, and he rubbed against me, teasing me. I grabbed his ass and begged him to take me. He chuckled sweetly, then lightly kissed my lips.


My reaction made him laugh, and he was too beautiful. "I like how you call me."

"Hurry up, or I will change my mind, " I pleaded.

"Well, I can't let that happen."

In on full stroke, he thrust inside me, hitting the very edge, making me cry in so much pleasure. Though I felt a little discomfort and I stiffened against him. He was too big.

His body tensed, and his jaw locked. He shut his eyes as if he feels my pain.

"You are tight." He groaned breathlessly. "So fucking tight."

I adjusted my hips at his length, whimpering as I felt him throb. I tried to arch my back and curled my legs around him.

"I'm sorry. It's just, it's been a while."

He kissed my mouth again, and he gazed softly into my eyes. "Shh... It's okay." He slightly moved, but still being gentle. "I know you would feel this good."

"Luke…" I gasped his name as he started moving into me in a soft, gentle tempo. I groaned in both pain and pleasure. His fullness was too much.

He dipped his head and kissed me tenderly, kissing the pain away. I was surprised that could so be gentle and controlled. I loved how he was so patient with me as I felt his muscles agitating.


"What, baby?"

"Faster. Move harder, please?"

"Are you okay?"

I nodded.

He grinned sexily, then nipped my lower lip. He surged into me in a hard, wild thrust. I cried out in pure pleasure as I felt that the pain was all gone. He was groaning in my ear as he thrust harder and harder, keeping a tempo that drove me insane. When he felt I adjusted, he gripped my thighs and pounded carelessly into me.

I cried out loud, "Ohh… Lucas… this feels too good… too good."

"Come for me, baby, " he said roughly.

I couldn't say any more words until I cried out as orgasm took over me. He stared down at me, watching me came.

"You're so beautiful… fucking beautiful."

He continued to pound inside me with cock pulsing inside, reachi

it. I groped the phone with Luke still devouring my cleft and tried to check the screen.

It was Thomas.

"Wait, it's your dad, " I said breathlessly.

"Answer it, " he said, but didn't stop.

My eyes widened. "Are you out of your mind?"

He grinned sexily instead, but he cupped my ass, lifting my hips so he could get more access.

"Wait, we haven't…" He took my clit in his mouth and nipped it with his lips. "I haven't c-called t-them last n-night…"

Luke suddenly stopped and mouth glistening with my own liquid. "Go on."

I pressed the answer key. "Hey, Thomas, " I greeted, trying to keep my voice sane.

"Scarlet, honey. Your mother asked me to call you. You didn't call her last night. Are you with Luke?"

I looked at Luke's face who was still between my legs. Goddamnit.

"Uh, yeah…" I cleared my throat. "We're eating breakfast."

Luke flashed out a playful grin, hearing the word 'breakfast'. Daringly, he pushed another finger in my entrance. I breathed out sharply.

I glared at him and mouthed, "Stop."

"Tell Luke to call me later."

"Yeah… I… I will…"

"Are you okay, honey? You don't sound fine. Are you sick?"

"No." I pressed my lips together. "I'm fine. Luke—I mean, Thomas. I'll call you later." I pressed the end key and tossed the phone away.

"What are you doing?" I almost screamed. "I was freaking talking to your father!"

He sprang up and sat on his heels. "I just want to tease you. It felt amazing, right?"

I rolled my eyes. "Don't you ever do that again."

He moved back on top of me and his chest against mine. "Then the next time, let me finish my breakfast before answering a call. Are we clear?"


I enveloped him in my arms around him and held on to his back, dipping my nails into his flesh. He chuckled at my sudden boldness, and he crashed his lips with mine.

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