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   Chapter 19 Nineteen

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Flying with Hotel B's private jet was so inconvenient our flight turned out smoothly. Luke wasn't much a talker as usual. He didn't bother me for the whole hour and a half which I preferred. I wouldn't know what I would say to him either. All he did was stare at his iPad I took that hint that he shouldn't be bothered.

A sleek blue Ferrari F60 was waiting for us at the airfield when we landed. The man standing next to it handed him the keys and hastily, Luke shoved our suitcase in the compartment, and we pulled out.

Still not talking, Luke maneuvered every turn in the roads I'd known for six years. Luke and sports car was absolutely something. I never thought driving could be sexy. He handled the steering wheel with control and maintaining even speed.

He finally spoke, "What?"


"Something in my face?"

I probably kept staring at his handsome face, he had noticed me. I shrugged. "You're a bit different the way I thought you were."

"Like how?" he asked, his eyes still on the road.

"Like socializing in dating sites? I've been looking at you on Facebook, and nothing appeared."

"I don't waste my time on such a thing. I deal with the real thing."

And he just had to answer me in a cold tone as always. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Where are we heading?"

"To my apartment."

Words came out so easily. He must use to bring all his escapades at his place. The thought made me cringe instantly.

"Why would we go there? I need to get home first."

"Do you prefer we go to yours?"

"I'm sharing a room with Katherine. We can't—"

"Then should I book a reservation?"

"I don't want to be like the other women you fuck."

His mouth curved a smirk. "My place then."

"Do you have spare rooms?"

His eyes narrowed. "What made you think we're going to share a room? I don't sleep with the woman in the same bed over the night. You from all of the people should know that because you know about my sex life—"

He flashed a cocky smile.

My cheeks reddened. "That's because I didn't know you were and I—"

He shushed. "I'm not finished, " he cut me off. "I told you, you are going to be the first woman I ever allowed to invade my private life."

"Oh, shut up, Jax."

"It's Luke, witch. I said we're done with that."

I cleared my throat. "I'm sorry. I must really prefer calling you Jax because at least he isn't some asshole. And I told you to stop calling me a witch."

He let out a rich, delicious laugh. Apparently, he was enjoying this.

"Yours doesn't matter since you're really a witch. What did you to me? Did you put a magic spell on my food?"

I groaned in annoyance. "I don't want to talk to you. Wake me up when we get there."

I shut

He was so surreal. He was more beautiful than I pictured him in my wet dreams. He looked hard as rock everywhere.

"If you keep staring me like that, I'm going to make you pay for making me wait to have you."

I bit my lower lip, grinning. He was a total definition of perfect. It made me crave for him. It made me want to run my tongue over those cuts and muscles. I didn't know how but his fingers reached for the button of my pants.

"It's easier for me if you're in my bed, but I can't wait anymore, witch."

He stepped out of the couch and pulled my jeans down, including my panties. He spread my thighs to accommodate him between my legs. He cupped my breasts and teased the crown with his thumb.


The next thing happened, he was already sucking my breast alternately, and the sounds he made just made me craved for him more.

"Tell me how badly you want his, " he whispered harshly as his skillful palms squeezing my breast rhythmically. I arched my back.


"Yes, what?"

"I want you badly…"

He lifted his body and crushed his mouth with mine. He was kissing me passionately, aggressively like a lost lover who's yearning for his woman. I jerked a little when I finally felt his fingers touched my cleft. I moaned between our lips as he slowly slipped a finger inside me, hitting my most sensitive spot.

"Luke, please…"

He chuckled and watched me making different faces in response to what he does to me. He thrust his finger in and out. Again and again.

On the verge of coming, I grabbed his shoulders as my core throbbed, but he abruptly stopped.

"You can't come until I'm inside you and that should be on my bed."

"No..." I wanted him now.

The next thing happened, he lifted me in his arms with my legs wrapped around his waist without breaking the kiss.

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