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   Chapter 18 Eighteen

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If he was going to set up his own rules, I was setting up mine too. Two months was still a long time, but I won't discuss it tonight—not in our parents' house.

"How about we discuss this tomorrow?"

"I don't like suspense."

"For your information, we're in your father's house. And I'm setting my rules, too!"

His mouth curved into a playful grin. "Finally, a part of Ericka I remember. Let's see what rules you've got, witch."

God, his smile was to die for, I almost gave in.

I shook my head, then crossed my arms. "One of my rules: Don't ever call me a witch again."

I strolled back to the pool and stood by the edge. Luke had barely called my first name, and he had called me a witch a couple times now. I didn't know if it was because I looked like a witch to him. I wasn't his type.

Luke stepped next to me and kept a distance this time. He slid his hands into his pocket. "Alright, I won't."


I gazed up at him. His face was calmer now, and he was staring at the water. "Luke?"

He raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you miss our late night phone calls?"

"Why'd you ask?"

"Because I miss it." I miss you.

"We don't need that now. We're just right in front of each other." He cocked his head to one side. "We don't need to play that childish game."

"Call me, Ericka."


"Call me that, but not some witch. I hate it. So, I still need to prepare my things. Goodnight, Luke."

He nodded. "Nine o'clock, sharp. Don't be late."

I didn't answer and headed inside. The last thing to do was convince Mom.

THE NEXT morning, I went downstairs already dressed and had my suitcase already. Luke was already outside waiting for me.

It was almost nine, Mom and Thomas wer

going back to Cambridge in two days anyway, so what's the big deal?" he pointed.

I couldn't help but shake my head. I snorted. "Whatever. Just to remind you, I made this decision because there is no other choice. And why did you tell them I was going to stay with you?" I shifted my body to one side and faced him. "That's not a part of the conversation last night."

"I did say make yourself available on weekends, right?"

"But it's not the weekends yet."

He smirked. "Why delay the fun?"

"Seriously? You're really just going to do whatever you want?"

"Why not?" He leaned over to my ear. "Do you know how are we going to both enjoy this? You just have to submit to me. The reason why I still haven't touched you or even the tip of your hair is because I want to savor you properly. We both know how we want that, right?"

Submission. That just didn't sound like a good idea, but every hair on my body stood by his words alone. What was wrong with me now?

He ran his thumb on my lip. "I can't wait to have you." I felt his breath on my neck, and I inhaled the scent of his perfume—earthy, like wood with a hint of mild soap. "Alone."

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