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   Chapter 15 Fifteen

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No, no. If I say yes, he would do anything he wanted with me. I was dependent on his father. He paid for my college fees, allowances, and everything I needed. He took care of Mom. I couldn't betray Thomas. I finally had the chance to taste of life, having a father. I would never ruin it for just a meaningless sexual tension… intense sexual tension.

I stood up. I couldn't stay near Luke anymore. I should've avoided him. I had to accept that Jax was gone and he would never come back. He was gone when he became Luke. I would not risk a simple and quiet life in exchange for two months of pleasure. It may sound good—no, perfect, but if I accept his offer, it means I was betraying Mom as well.

"No." I shook my head. "I may already have bad choices in life, but I'll never add this one to all of it." I had been in a scandalous, abusive relationship. I didn't want all of it to happen again just because I wanted the man so much.

"I'm not done. Sit down, " he ordered.

I shook my head. "No, I'm done." I turned away from him and marched away until I felt a possessive grasp on my wrist, and I was spun around.

"I said, I'm not done." I felt his breath on my neck.

I struggled with his grasp, but he only pressed me to the wall.

"I don't want to do this with you."

"Then at least give me a reason why we can't?"

"I said no, and you demand a reason?"

"Hmm…" He sniffed my hair. "If the only reason is Dad and Gene, I won't let you refuse, because that reason didn't stop me."

"Then stop it, Luke. They're going to hear us, " I hissed harshly. My heartbeat quickening than it ever was. I could feel his warmth against me; it made me want to give in. His mouth was on my ear, making my stomach flutter. Why did he have to do everything so intensely?

"You know that their room is on the other side of this house, right? Come on, tell me." He asked softly this time.

"Let me go, Luke, please?"

"You owe me. Have you realized that when you ask my help with your homework? Or when you call and beg me to make you cum?" His hand swiftly slipping in my nightgown again. "And I satisfied you without getting any in return. Don't you want to make it happen in reality, hmm?"

God. This was affecting me. He was already getting into me, and I was letting him. I had to stop this, even if I wanted him so much. I had to be strong enough to resist him. I wanted to put him in a box and let him stay there. All of this excitement, pleasure, the feeling of passion would be gone. My dreams of touching him will remain a dream. He would be Mr. Untouchable for me forever. I had to choose wisely, and I decided to be smart.

I kicked his feet with my heel, then I elbowed him on the rib side as hard as could.

"Fuck!" He groaned sharply. His grasp loosened, and I swiftly stepped away from him.

I crossed my arms and smirked. "Why can't you just accept that I rejected you? A man who seemed so full of himself."

"You'll regret this, witch."

"Screw you and your other self Jax. Tell him I don't fucking care anymore."

He chuckled, resting his hand on his waist. "Then I'll make you regret it… until you say yes."

I smirked and ignored him. This time, I might have won, but I didn't know what he meant or what he's planning to do, but I won't let myself lose to him. All I got was my pride stepping on his ego. I'd use it to him whenever I want.

THE NEXT morning, a loud ringtone woke up me and saw Katherine's name on my screen. My eyes dila

takes in my life, and I still regret what I did. I could never go back to the past to change everything. Nate and Kath were the only people who knew what happened to me. Not even my Mom or Thomas. It was two years ago.

My story usually happened in the stories, or novels and even in the movies. It was when I was forced to marry this guy in exchange for my so-called friend's freedom.

A few years ago…

Dianna called at the three in the morning after she was missing for three days. She had been absent for three days in school, and our professors had been asking us where she was. We're all worried about her.

It all started when this guy I met in a club, and I introduce to her to him. He became her boyfriend, Raoul Velazquez. A Mexican businessman who owns the club. If I only knew he was a retard, I wouldn't have introduced my friend to him.

She and Kath are the most important persons in my life. I couldn't stomach anymore what happened to her. And it was all my fault.

"He-he-he told me that he wanted you. He never loved me. He wanted you, Scar! Can you imagine that!? This is all your fault. He's going to kill me, Scar. He's crazy, " she sobbed hard.

"What did he want?"

"You! He fucking wants you, and he's not going to stop! He's going to kill me. He kidnapped me, and you have to come here you have until dawn, or he's going to kill me. He wants you and you alone."

"Is he next to you? Tell me."

"Yes… yes…" she cried nervously. "I just want to go home."

"Tell me, where are you?"

"You have to come alone, please? Please, Scar, save me."

"What is he fucking want with me?"

"He said, he's madly in love, and he's going to marry you. He won't let me go until you say yes."

And I did. I did everything I could to save her, but she disappeared just like how Raoul vanished into thin air after our illegal marriage. It was unlawful because he appeared to be married first to someone else. Thanks to Nate that because of his help, I found out that I was still a free woman.

But before the bastard who ruined me disappeared, he said he would come back for me, and he's going to make me pay for destroying his life.

It was him who ruined me for taking my freedom, abused me, and took my purity. I never told anyone. I couldn't. And I know that one day, it's going to hunt me.

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