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   Chapter 13 Thirteen

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A few weeks ago…

I saved every information Jax sent me and used all the programming codes as a reference. I had a problem solving the bug for almost two weeks, and I haven't figured it out, but with Jax's help, I finally found a way to remove it.

I called him to let him know.

"Good evening, Ericka, " he answered.

Ugh, his voice. I loved the sound of him. It was only a greeting, and I was already turned on.


"You called me so I could hear you breathe? Tell me about the code?"

"Oh." I cleared my throat. "It worked. You're a genius." I closed my laptop and then lied on my back.

He laughed softly. "Are you sure you finished you finished your major?"

I chuckled nervously, as I felt the guilt pinched my chest. "Of course, I wouldn't be able to register in the app it hadn't, right? But thank you, Jax. You've been very helpful to me."

"Know your expertise. If this kind of program doesn't suit you, then you should stick with building a website."

"It's not a simple RPG game though, " I defended myself.

He chuckled. "But I like how you try different things."

"Thanks again."

"My pleasure, " he said. "Hey, I need to ask you something."

"About RPG?"

"No. I just want to ask you this. How much of my cock do you think you could take in your mouth?"

I held my breath, surprised by his sudden question. I just loved how could really make me so hot even if it's only over the phone.



"Are you going to answer me?"

"It's just, um…"

He chuckled softly. "Are you playing shy tonight?"

"I don't know. I… I haven't tried, um. I wouldn't know about that."

He was suddenly quiet on the other line.


I thought I heard him gulped a drink. "What's your height?"

I moved to the other side of the bed. "I'm 5'6. I remember you said you want tall, long-legged women." I had imagined that Jax could be tall. "Disappointed?"

"No. A short-legged woman who's never had another man's cock in her mouth is an exception."

I caught my breath. My hands instantly slipped in my panties. "Well, I mean. Are you disappointed that I can't do blowjobs? I just don't."

"I need to see you, Ericka, " his voice sounded strained and needy.

"Jax, you know we can't."

"Listen to me, I need to see you. I'll teach you. I need to feel you. I want to be buried inside you, including your mouth. I want to hear you scream. My name. My real name. I've been very patient."

"No…" I sighed as I thrust my finger inside me, imagining that it was his.

"I'm gonna make sure we'll meet."


"I will see you. Trust me."

My legs trembled. I was on the verge of coming. "Jax…" I moaned as I rea

s fucking is going to give you a hard time."

I sighed and then forced a smile. I realized that even if I lose one friend (which was Jax) I still had Nate and Katherine.

But things don't work just like that. I missed Mom so much, and I would bear everything just to be with her.

"I could bear a week, but I'll try telling them I couldn't stay with them forever. Not with my stepbrother in the house."

"Are you sure?"

"Why don't you come by to our house tomorrow before you go?" I asked, and it would definitely help me temporarily forget things. "Mom seems to remember you, and I tell her about you and Katherine all the time."

"It would be nice if she's here." He flashed a faint smile. "But yeah, sure, what should we do at your house tomorrow?"

"But make sure to call Kath first today, promise?"

"I promise."

"Yes!" I exclaimed in victory. "I was freaking bored to death, but what do you think we should do?"

"Hmm, " he hummed, thinking of something. "Why don't we review and help ourselves with the thesis? I can download all the data I uploaded to my cloud."

"That's a good idea. Mom and Thomas wouldn't be surprised if I invited a man in the house. Then we should have a snack and watch a movie. I'll show you poolside. It's fantastic."

He chuckled. "Then it's time you introduce your best friend to your parents."

"Yeah! I'm excited." My shoulders fell. "I miss Kath already. You're right. I wish she was here."

"Me too, Scar. Oh, you didn't have breakfast. What do you like? My treat." He grinned.

"I'll have macarons and coffee."

"Great. Wait for me here." Nate stood and went to the counter.

I tried to think of what else we could do at the house tomorrow. I could also ask him to stroll by the beach. Oh well, at least I won't be bored.

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