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   Chapter 11 Eleven

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I thought we were just going to have a dessert, but it wasn't the case. They had prepared a full meal course in different kind of dishes that would feed at least ten people. The Barbie doll must be so important that Thomas had to make a feast.

I quietly listen to them as they exchanged matters I couldn't understand. I remained looking at the food on my plate.

I rolled my eyes and then blew out a deep breath secretly. Luke wasn't talking as usual. Thomas was discussing something in accordance some legality kind of stuff, but it wasn't about my transfer papers. I wasn't naïve enough to understand what it was.

Mom was exchanging ideas and her suggestions too since she was a lawyer herself. I wish I could give my input, but I know nothing about their topic. I only how knew to create a program or if they asked me about JavaScript or MySQL, I would be glad to answer them.

I secretly watched Luke, who's sitting in front of me, slicing his steak. He still hasn't taken a bite. Luke lifted up her plate while Miss Universe was having a conversation with Mom and Thomas. He altered his plate with her with the already sliced steak.

I held my breath a little. I was quite surprised by his action, or I could say that a stab of jealousy struck me. I ground my teeth in annoyance and then I looked away immediately.

"Oh, that's so sweet of you. Thank you, Luke" Rebecca smiled sweetly at him, touching him at his wrist. She had long fingers and nailed polished it with bright red.

Thomas smiled secretly in approval. They must like her so much. Well, who wouldn't? Miss Universe was sweet and respectful.

Luke smiled back. "Anytime."

"How about you, sweetheart? Don't you like your steak?" Mom asked. "Would you like pasta? We also have seafood, prawn, do you want some? It's your favorite."

I smiled a little. "I like the steak, thanks."

Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I always put it on silent during meals like a habit and decided to just ignore it.

A couple of moments later, it rang again. I guessed that it must be Jax. I grunted and finally, I drew out my phone and checked it secretly under the table. It wasn't Jax but Katherine. She was supposed to be on vacation, too, and I'd anticipated that she won't call.

I frowned. I wondered what it was about.

I pressed the end button and decided to send her a message.

I'm with the whole family. What happened? I hit send. I bit my lip. Katherine doesn't usually call me if it wasn't necessary.

Nate and I broke up. What should I do?

What? I caught my mouth in surprise. Nate and Kath had always been the definition of a perfect couple. I never once thought that they would break up since I always felt that they were compatible.

Why what happened? I replied.

My phone beeped immediately. He proposed to me, and I said NO.

"You what!?" I yelled out loud, momentarily forgetting that I was in front of the family. Four pairs of eyes swung at my direction.

"Scarlet?" Thomas prompted.

"I'm sorry. I just received an important message, " I reasoned.

"Don't you always turn off your phone?" Mom asked in a whisper.

"I'm sorry Mom, but I really, really have to reply to this. It's essential." I looked at her.

"But it's family time."

Family time? If this really was family time, why was there a Barbie doll sharing the tables with us? She's not a family. I was the family, but I felt like I was invisible as the usual. They're too focused on her.

I didn't answer Mom and kept on reading my roommate's message.

I felt the need of calling Nate. Nate and I were close friends as well, and he used to share everything to me, but at least not this time. It was too sudden of him to propose given that everyone was climbing their way to graduation. Katherine must be so surprised she said no. I could understand her situation, but it didn't mean she doesn't love Nate. She wanted to be him with the rest of their lives.

Do you want me to call Nate? I replied to her message a few minutes later.

I placed my phone beside my plate and then began eating food quick so I could call Nate.

My phone beeped

on't eat sweet foods, but I sat with them because I couldn't leave Rebecca. She wasn't just my lawyer, but someone I thought I could trust.

"You're back. Is everything alright with your friend?" Dad asked.

"Uh, it's fine. But my classmate needed help with it. I actually wanted to tell you I'm going to out tomorrow. I'm meeting my classmate tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? In Manhattan?" Gene asked her curiously, a bit surprised.

"Yes, Nate's here in New York. He wants us to meet."

Nate? Why was that name coming out too often this day?

"Nate? I haven't heard that name before, " Dad said.

"Is it Nathaniel? The boy you introduced during my last visit?" Gene asked again as she ate her dessert. "A nice guy, should I say. Who is he visiting here? Is he with Katherine?"

The witch grinned sweetly at Gene's comment. It's just too unfortunate she was fucking too beautiful when she smiles, and it had my cock twitched in my pants.

Hold on. What? Katherine?

I scrolled through my messages again, and the same name flashed on my screen. What the hell was going on?

My blood pressure rose as my mind started playing ridiculous unwanted thoughts.

"Nate's originally from Brooklyn and Katherine is on vacation with her family, " the witch went on.

"Well, if it's important, then you should go see Nate, " Gene agreed.

Katherine and Nate… hmm.

This could be just a coincidence. I tried to think of the probability that this witch probably knew Ericka. But I found it hard to connect because Ericka was an IT professional who worked at an IT company in Massachusetts. She's a twenty-eight years old woman, a graduate of Harvard. Unless…

I watched her intently and tried to think of the coincidences between Jax and Ericka, and me and the witch.

And just like the witch, Ericka lived in Cambridge. Ericka told me she was visiting a family in New York, and that was the same day the witch came home. Ericka told me she was going to meet her mother, and she hadn't seen her for a long time.

I watched Gene's daughter and listened to her very carefully—her speech pattern, the way laughed, the name Katherine and Nate…

God, no. It's not possible.

I scanned through my phone and dialed Ericka's number. I waited for a minute if ever she would pick up, but there was no answer or reaction from her. I phoned her again, but there was still no reaction.

I sighed in relief. I must be imagining things.

"Thanks, Mom. I kinda need to go out as well."

"If your mom allows you, I will too, " Dad said, nodding in approval. "It's time you see the world outside."

"I would love to see the city."

Suddenly, a loud ringtone reverberated in every corner of the room, but she hit the end call.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

What the fuck!

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