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   Chapter 10 Ten

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This wasn't a vacation. It was a week of torture. It had only been three freaking days, and I'd gone crazy.

Just like yesterday, I didn't do anything at all. I had no energy to go out. Mom and Thomas didn't seem to care that I was in the room all day and it was already afternoon! To entertain myself, I was also checking my inbox if there were any new messages, but Jax seemed busy. There were only three people in the world I could talk too, my roommate Katherine, Nate, and Jax. But they would be busy with their own lives.

Jax would be having a meeting today, and I hadn't heard his voice lately. Katherine went home with her boyfriend Nate.

I came down almost after dinner and found Mom and Thomas in the living room, watching some TV show.

"Hi. Can we talk?"

"Darling, of course." Thomas tensed up. He picked up the remote control and shut the TV off. They stopped for a while and looked at each other. I was a bit harsh this morning.

I sat at the seat across them. "First of all, I want to I apologize for being rude this morning."

"It's okay sweetheart. We understand that it's probably too early to tell you about those, " Mom said softly.

"Your mother asked me to take it slow, but you've been away from us for six years. I think it's the right time."

"I know, I just think I don't deserve it."

"You deserve it, " Thomas assured and smiled. "I want you to feel that you are a part of this family."

Was I? But why did I feel like I was always been alone? "I don't want it if it was coming from Luke. He worked hard for it just to give it to me. I am someone who's like a stranger to him, " I said frankly, but it's the truth.

"You don't have to worry about Luke. It has already transferred under your name. He just needs your signature."

"Is there anything we can do, so I won't have to accept this?"

"That's all you have to do. Accept it. Don't worry, not everything

they were talking about.

"Hello, Scarlet. I heard a lot about you. Hope we get along." She smiled politely, and we shook hands.

"Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you, too, " I responded simply.

"Well, why don't we continue this discussion in the dining?" Thomas joined in. "You first, Rebecca."

"Sure, Mr. Alejandro." Before she released my hand, she left a soft and gentle squeeze. I hate to admit it, but I could tell that she was a lovely person too.

I responded with a smile. Thomas and Mom lead her first to the dining area. I stood still as I watched the three of them laughed together at something I couldn't hear anymore. I even saw Mom tucked a few hair strands behind her ears like how she always does with me, and she blushed.

"Not coming?"

I jumped in surprise when I heard Luke's pure male voice behind me. I rolled my eyes.

"What now?"

He raised an eyebrow. "What's with your reaction?" He clicked his tongue twice, then shook his head. "Nice shorts by the way." He winked at me and walked away, leaving me open-mouthed.

I looked at myself and suddenly became conscious. I instantly regret why I did not wear anything better. But what hit me and got my cheeks burning in embarrassment was when I realized that I had worn my shorts inside out.

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