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   Chapter 8 Eight

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"Can I tell you a story?" I asked, playfully biting my lower lip. Later that night, I called Jax. I was bored for the whole day. There was nothing to do in the house. I don't know what else to do but stare at my phone screen browsing another chat app site. To be honest, I was looking for a guy who might be similar to Luke, of course, I found nothing because he's only one in the world. Every time I get disappointed, I would uninstall the application and get another.

Mom and Thomas went out to the mall since it was the only time to have quality time together. After shopping, they told me they're going to be late because a senator invited them for dinner. All I could think was to call Jax. At least, even I didn't know what he looked like, but I was sure he was handsome given the different woman every week. He could even make me wet and aroused by only hearing his voice.

"I don't want to hear it. I don't care any of it."

He always said that but he would listen to me anyway. "Well... I'm having a problem with my family, " I began. He might don't want to hear it, but I just thought he would be the safest person I could talk to. Since there was nothing in the house I could talk to, I'd rather talk to a stranger.

"I told you I don't listen to any of this. I'd rather talk about our upcoming meeting. I prefer to reserve a room near your dorm so I could pick you up. Just tell me where you live."

"Wow, I didn't know you're such a gentleman. I thought you don't do such things?"

He blew out a sharp breath. "What happened to your family?"

He certainly knew how to change the subject. "Um, there's this one person who's giving me a hard time. My mother wanted me to live with her, but I don't know any more if I can."

"Who's this person?"

"My step—" I paused. I never told Jax about Mom's second marriage or me having a new family. Telling him now would make him interested to know about me and there were times I was also curious to know about him too. I wanted to know what he looked like or if he had a Facebook or something since he's into social medias. I tend stalk people when I get too attached.

"It's my brother, " I went on, deciding to change the story a little.

"And you cannot live with your mother because of your brother? Why not?"

He was not my real brother, and never will be. "He's just... He's too complicated. I could say that we're not close. Of course, I can't tell my parents that. They wanted me to live with them for so long."

"Seriously, Ericka, you're twenty-eight years old. You are old enough to decide what's right for you."

And twenty-four years was still old enough, but Thomas could be a very strict father

wet swimsuit.

I gritted through my teeth. Maybe I was fucking so aroused because I had no fucking sex for three weeks straight.


"I need to speak with you."

Her brows frowned in confusion. "Yes, but give that to me, please."

"Come here and get it." I stepped back. Unfortunately, it was interesting to play with the witch. I wanted to know what she could do. She's probably hiding something inside those innocent face. She couldn't be that innocent and I would be the one to discover that.

She walked a few steps forward.

"Ah!" I lifted the robe. "Get it from me, witch."

"Why do you keep calling me that?" she ranted.

Good. Now, she's mad.

She moved close to me, with one arm still covering her tits, she ran towards me and reached for the robe with her other hand.

"Hey! Give it to me."

I was taller by foot and she could never reach it. She jumped and tried to reach it with her hands, not noticing she had already freed her breasts, and it was now pressed against my chest. She didn't know it was brushing with the thin fabric of my shirt. I groaned at the anticipation that it was me who's losing in my own game.

I admit it. I found her attractive and there's no point denying that fact. I had already violated my own rules. I could fuck every woman in the world but not her. She was Gene's daughter. She was supposed to be my stepsister.

I realized I had t stop. I put down the robe and hovered it on her shoulders.

"Easy, witch, " I whispered briskly.

She pushed my chest away. "Stay away from me. And don't call me a witch. I fucking hate you." She turned then picked up her clothes and marched her way out of the swimming pool.

I smirked. "Now is the time to find someone to fuck, mate, " I mumbled to myself.

Perhaps, Ericka?

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