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   Chapter 7 Seven

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I groaned. I tried again to push him, but I still seemed to have no strength. My own body was failing me, as his long fingers trailed in my lower back slowly, wondering what else it can do.

I shook off the thought immediately.

I decided to remain interested in his sudden attention. "If I bewitched every man in here, just like you said, that includes you."

He smirked. "Good point, but I'm not like those men. Did you not see how they look at you?" His eyes remained deep and piercing.

They look at me how? I scowled. "Then maybe you're not a man, " I mocked. He was playing games with me, why not playback?

I was expecting him to get mad because of my remarks, but instead, he laughed. He freaking laughed and it sounded so delicious, it traced down to my deepest core.

"Am I not?" He grinned playfully, closing the gap between us.

My eyes widened in surprise.

"Am I not?" he asked again. He breath smelled of mint and wine. I'd kissed men before, and they certainly did not smelled like this. Usually, when they were in intake of liquor, they smelled of puke.

His free hand went up to cup my neck as if he was going to kiss me, and nose teasing mine. A pair of gray with a shade of blue stared back at me when I opened my eyes. His inclined his face to the side, getting ready for a

I was too occupied.

"I had seen plenty of that scene, " I murmured. Sadly, theirs were nothing compared to yours. He was too perfect, and I was ridiculous for even thinking of that.

"Plenty?" He raised an eyebrow. "How interesting."

"There's nothing interesting. And don't call me little sister."

"Why not? Aren't you my little sister?"

I exhaled sharply. "I have a name, Luke. Or would you prefer if I call you dick?"

His lips curved in a playful grin. "Sweet little mouth with a dirty language. Do you prefer if I call witch?"

"Why are we having this conversation?" I snapped.

Damn it, he really knew how to piss a woman. I ignored him and decided to eat quietly. Fortunately, the food tasted good enough to ease my irritation.

"Aren't you going to kiss my cheeks too like you kissed Gene and Dad's?" he spoke again.

"Will you stop?"

"What? You almost kissed me last night, witch."

My cheeks flushed. I could never forgive myself for losing my mind like that last night.

"Stop calling me a witch!"

I was supposed to enjoy breakfast in a beautiful place, but my stepbrother had to be so freaking annoying.

"I can call you anything I want, " he concluded, and finally he stood. I noticed he had already emptied his plate. "It was fun talking to you. See you tonight, witch."

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