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   Chapter 29 Dance With Me

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I came to Le Grandi at exactly seven as Louis instructed. I was already guessing that he and his brother were up to something—and this beautiful lilac dress Damon sent to my apartment was the indication. This was going to be our first official date. We had been fighting all our lives because of endless misunderstandings after all. I realized that Damon and I were always in a situation neither of us could stop. This time, fate brought us back together.

Excited and nervous as well, I proceeded to the main entrance. The door attendant greeted me with a wide meaningful grin as if he was expecting my arrival. The lights abruptly shut off the moment I stepped inside, then a single spotlight flashed on.

My palms caught my mouth instantly when I found Damon standing next to an elegantly arranged table with candlelight, floral centerpiece, and linen drapes. He was dressed in an impeccable navy-blue tuxedo, holding a bouquet of white roses. Two violinists stood behind him, playing a soft romantic song that sounded familiar.

Down the path, flower petals were scattered all over the red carpet where I now stood. Damon flashed a sweet grin when he saw me, then reached out a hand in my direction, inviting me to come to him.

Soft laughter escaped my lips, and I was on the verge of tears at the same time. It was so surreal. The man I loved the most was waiting for me to come to him… waiting for me to take his hand.

"Hesitating?" another man spoke next to me.


He grinned as he offered his arm to me. "Come. I'll take you to him."

"What's going on?"

"You'll see, " he promised. "And just so you know, I helped him prepare this."

I chortled at his statement with tears in my eyes in satisfaction. "It's perfect. Ev

elieve me."

And I believed him. Words just couldn't come out of my mouth at the moment, and tears began to rush down my cheeks again.

He opened the box and finally revealed a stunning white gold, diamond ring.

"Nicole Francesca, in front of our friends, our family… Please, accept my heart. I will take care of you, cherish you, and love you with every breath I take. And I promise there would be no more lies and secrets. Will you dance with me at our wedding?"

A chuckle escaped my lips between my tears. "Yes, Damon. I'll definitely dance with you at our wedding!"

With my answer, the sound of cheers and applause erupted every corner of the place. Damon flashed a grin of triumph and bliss. Quickly, he stood up and slid the ring on my finger, then pulled me back into his arms. His embrace was so tight; I couldn't breathe.

"You don't know how much you complete me right now. You are mine. Finally mine…"

I sobbed with laughter, and then before I could even speak, he devoured my lips, and it was so gentle and filled with passion.

It was love.

And then the sound of the music and everyone's applause became muted as I lost myself in his arms.

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