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   Chapter 26 That Night

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I have to tell Bianca now.

Damn it. It wasn't that hard. I could just let them take my site in Thailand, ask her parents to sign the transfer papers and it's all done. I just couldn't find the right time because I didn't want to make a scene. I knew Bianca too well, and I knew that it wasn't going to end well.

I had to though. Immediately. I couldn't wait to get Nikki back, especially with my possessiveness issue. I was always jealous. I wanted to keep her by my side and shove all those men away, even if it's my brother who was now dragging Nikki to the dance floor.

I clenched my fists.

"Don't you want to dance?" Bianca said. She fucking couldn't stop holding me in public. "Or do you want to get back to the suite?"

"Bianca, please..." I moved her hands away from my neck. "Don't."

She sighed and drank another shot of red wine.

"When are you going to stop making this harder for us? Hmm? Or maybe I could just tell Dad to let us get married right away? Isn't that what you wanted for us before? Live together for the rest of our lives?"

"Not anymore." I drank my scotch straight. There was only one thing her family wants from me. It wasn't the marriage. It was my business.

"I want you. Isn't that enough?"

"You could've said that a long time ago. Things have changed now."

"Wait. Why are we suddenly having this conversation?" Her tone raised an octave, getting everyone's attention. This was what I was talking about. She knew how to make a scene.

"Bianca, can't you see what's wrong with us? We're a mistake. This is a mistake."

"Don't forget how I fucking saved you and your reputation. Dad would not allow—"

"Stop it, Bianca. Not here."

"Damon, I love you. I still do." She curled her arms around my neck again. "Please, I'll behave. I can't lose you again."

"Bianca, you don't love me." I took her face in my hands. "I'm not the man for you. Listen, you're a beautiful, young, successful woman. Don't waste your time on someone who won't love you back."

"Are you breaking up with me?" she asked, her lips trembled.

"I would give your father what he always wanted."

She shook her head. "That's not the right answer."

"Look, I'm going to take you to your room now."

"I don't want us to break up." She began to cry. "Please, Damon. Don't do this."

"Shh, don't cry. Come on, let's get you outside."

Fortunately, Bianca listened to me, but she was too drunk and unable to stand by herself, so I brought her to her suite and helped her settle on the bed. She was so wasted.

"I'll come here in the morning, " I said.

"I am sorry, Damon. I am sorry."

"Don't be. I'm going back to the hall. Take a bath, have a good night's sleep, and I'll take you to your parents tomorrow, okay?"

"Is she the reason?"

"Bianca, let's not talk about it—" She forced herself to sit up.

"I am asking you. Is she the reason?"


"No. Tha

ward. He continued to thrust a finger into me.

"Ohh!" I moaned as I approached my release. Damon let me breathe for several seconds then he sat up.

"You are still dressed…" I ran my tongue on my lower lip, and he smiled.

"Then undress me."

Swiftly, I sat up then began to unbutton his dress shirt. I kissed his mouth while doing so. Taking too long, he unbuckled his belt, and then he stepped down the bed to pull his trousers down, including his boxers. His shaft sprang free, and he was thick, hard, and… huge.

My mouth dropped open. I wasn't sure if it would ever fit in me.

Damon's eyes gleamed. "Like what you see?"

Before I could even reply, he came back on top of me then kissed my neck again down to my collarbone. His other hand reached for the hook of my bra then expertly unhooked it.

"So beautiful…" he mumbled, dipped himself to one of my breasts then hovered his lips over my pinkish nipple. He slightly sucked it into his mouth.

"Hmm…" My hands palmed the back of his head, entwining a handful of his hair around my fingers. I could already feel my orgasm building.

Damon paused, then went up to meet my eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Satisfied with my answer, he finally positioned himself between my thighs. "Are you ready?"

I gulped. "I think so." I clenched the bedsheet nervously, wondering if I could take his length.

Damon lowered his body, aligning the tip of his shaft in my opening. He groaned with a scowl on his face as he tried to push into me.

"Damn, you are so tight, baby… so fucking tight. When was your last time?"

"I can't remember. It was ages ago."

Carefully and gently, he thrust his shaft into me again. A sharp and delicious breath escaped my mouth.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded, biting my lip in ecstasy.

"Good. Because this is just the beginning, " he promised with a smile as he continued to slam his length into me, filling me inch by inch.

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