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   Chapter 24 Turning Point

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Louis ushered me to his table, and since I was already aware that Damon will be right next to us, I prepared myself not to look surprised when I see him with his ex-wife-slashed-fiancée. Why was our world so close? Why did I have to see him in every corner of the world?

His answer to me last night was clearer than diamonds. He was not going to choose me. He would not break up with Bianca because they had a deal. There was no way he was going to cut their deal because his company was at stake. I was getting pissed with myself already. Should I talk about it with Louis?

As expected, Damon and Bianca were there—only a few feet away from our table. Damn it, and she was wearing the same shade of dress as I was, but her hair coordinated more with her dress than mine.

I almost wanted to scream. I tried not to look at them, but damn, I couldn't help it. Damon was wearing a matching suit, and he was fine-looking as always. Unfortunately, they looked so good together. I did not want to appear nervous, but I did smile, so I would not look antagonistic. I found Damon's eyes gleamed when he met my gaze.

"Damon, Bianca, good evening." Louis greeted them first.

"Good evening, Louis, Nikki, " Bianca answered softly.

"Nikki's my date tonight, " Louis said to them, grinning innocently.

"Good evening, " I greeted back.

"Good evening, where's your boss?" he asked me.

"Oh, he's already at his table with his date. How did you know he's here?"

"I invited him. I thought you were going to be his date?"

"Damon, I already told you that I'm going to invite her, " Louis contradicted.

He frowned. "Maybe I forgot."

"Oh well, I still came, " I said. "Louis, shall we?"

Louis grinned, then held my elbow. "Sure, ladies first. Damon, we'll talk later, " Louis said, then we turned away.

"Louis…" I called his attention as we sat on our table.

"Yes? Do you want something else to drink?"

"Nope, but since we talked about being friends, could we just be friends and talk about something else?"

"Oh, sure. The awarding is not going to start until about thirty minutes from now, " he said as he looked at his wristwatch.

"It's about Damon."

"Hmm… Okay, go on."

"We talked last night, " I began, "and I told him what I feel for him. I told him that I still want him and that I love him. He told me he felt the same, but he still has to marry his ex-wife." I didn't know where I got the courage to open up to him, but he knew Damon more than anyone.

"I guess he already told you about their deal?"

"Yes. He has to marry her for the company. I don't know, but it sounded like an excuse to me."

"Yes, Damon signed a contract. He can't break it, or he'll be arrested, " Louis explained. "Do you still want him back?"

"I'm confused. I want to, but I know we can't." I gazed up at him, then sighed. "It's too complicated."

"Damon won't go down because of that. It's more about public relations. It's his image he's

ehind me to see if I was only mistaken, but everyone was watching me. I couldn't help but glance over Damon's direction.

He was surprised as well. His mouth slightly parted, as his eyes were glaring. What the hell was Louis thinking? Did he just propose on the stage after I had told him that I love his brother? I thought he said he was going to help me?

Then, I remembered what he said.

Just watch me, and ride on.

What the heck was that supposed to mean? I remained motionless in my chair while gripping my leather purse. Louis came down the stage, while another spotlight was still on him. People were congratulating him on his way towards me.

Damn it, what the heck was he thinking? What would my boss think about me? Or my colleague? What would Damon think about me now?

I stood as I waited for him, and when he was close, I spoke harshly, "Are you mad?"

Louis put his award on the table, then he held my forearms.

"Shh... Calm down. I told you, I'm going to help you get my brother back."

"Is this how I'm supposed to get him back? You, proposing to me like that in front of everyone? What the hell were you thinking?" I tried to lower my voice when I was already close to slapping him.

"Don't pout. Smile. We're in front of the cameras, " he said, then he grinned so wide. "Damon's going to be furious. He won't let me have you."

"You're unbelievable, " I hissed incredulously. "How are we going to get out of this?"

"Come on now, don't blow my cover. Give me a hug and smile." He opened his arms.

"Didn't you realize that the world was going to see this?"

"So what? I could just tell them you refuse. Come here now, don't make this ugly."

Louis gently wrapped his arms around me. I didn't resist. For his image's sake. After several seconds, the host called for the next awardee and the spotlight moved away.

He released me.

"I'm going to the restroom, Louis. Don't follow me." I grabbed my purse and headed to the restroom.

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