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   Chapter 23 The Awards Night

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I didn't go to the site with Luke the next day. I stayed in my room, and fortunately, I needed to make gazillion calls and check the paperwork for the new hotel. I had breakfast and then ate lunch by myself. Luke and Damon would be working together at the site until the next day. My boss did not call, so I guessed it was fine.

It was five o'clock when I finished the paperwork. I was suffering from a backache, but I still needed to prepare for the awards night in the evening. Louis hadn't called yet, but I was preparing for the event anyway.

I opened my suitcase and unfurled the only dress I could bring. It was a strapped, long, crimson red dress. The neckline was a low V cut. I only wore it once, when Claire celebrated her twenty-first birthday. I would match it with my nude heels.

I did not care if I look pretty in front of Louis, unlike before. However, he deserved a friend to be with him, and I didn't want to embarrass him. He might be expecting an award, and I would be walking on the stage with him, so I needed to look attractive. I also did not want to look depressed since I did not get enough sleep last night for thinking about Damon all night.

A call from Luke came a minute later that snapped me out of my thoughts. I answered right away, putting the loudspeaker on.

"Nikki, are you done with the spreadsheet? I need to email that later to my father, " he queried.

"I'll forward it to you. How was the site tour?"

"It was great. Are you getting ready for the awards night?"

"I'm still preparing, why?"

"Someone just invited me the last minute, but you already agreed to come with Damon's brother. I guess I'll just take Nina. Is she busy?"

"I don't know—wait a sec, Luke." I grabbed toiletries from my bag. "I haven't been out of my room since morning."

"I guess I'll just ask her then. I'll come by to get you so we could go there together."

"Hmm, " I hummed. "Sure. I'll see you later."

He hung up, then I stepped into the bathroom.

Luke came to my door an hour and a half later, and Nina was already with him. I always knew that she had a crush on our boss, but who wouldn't? Luke was as gorgeous as hell. Damn, right now he looked like a movie star in his tuxedo. Nina wore a long fuchsia body-hugging dress. She had also curled her short, raven hair.

"Wow, look at you. You are beautiful, Nina. I'm glad you came."

"I can't say no to the boss, can I?"

I nodded, then gazed up at Luke. "And you, I a

when I was near the town."

"Oh, you should visit again sometime, and we'll have a drink, " Louis answered, then smiled back.

"Sure, why not, " Luke agreed.

"Am I looking at Mr. Cavendish's doppelganger or something? My name's Nina, " she said, then she extended a hand to him. Louis gave her hand a quick squeeze and laughed.

"It's because you're looking at one. I'm Louis Cavendish."

"He's Damon Cavendish's brother, " I informed.

"Oh, I guess that's why. You almost look like twins, " she said.

"You don't mind if I take Nikki now? My table's over there. It isn't too far."

"Sure, Mr. Cavendish, " Luke agreed.

"Let's meet on the dance floor later, " Nina reminded me.

"Yes. I'll meet you later. You too, boss."

"You owe me a dance, " he whispered in my ear, then he let me go. I stood then Louis helped me carry my purse.

"You look ravishing in that dress, " Louis complimented as he was checking me out from my nude heels to my face. "You're beautiful."

"You look handsome, yourself." I was sure the black three-piece-suit he was wearing was brand new. "Are you getting an award tonight?"

"Oh, how I wish. It could give a good image for my restaurant, " he said. He walked me to the other side of the hall.

"Nikki, wait." He stopped before we could find our table.


"Damon's here. He's invited. Since we're brothers, his table is next to ours. You don't mind, right?" His expression was quite worried. He did not know that I just had a conversation with his brother last night.

"Sure. It's okay, " I lied. It would not be fine if he brought Bianca along since he seemed so eager to marry her.

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