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   Chapter 21 Friends Again

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"These are the important documents we need for our trip to LA. Have you tried calling—" A knock from the glass door interrupted Luke from finishing his sentence. His secretary was standing at the meeting room door.

"Excuse me, Mr. Alejandro. There's a visitor in the lobby, and he said it's important. It's actually for Ms. Francesca, sir, " Ms. Craig informed.

"For me?"

Luke frowned as he gazed at me. "Expecting someone?"

I shook my head. "Did he say his name?"

"Oh, his name is Louis."

Louis. How did he know where to find me? "What did you say to him?" I queried. "We're in a meeting."

"Ms. Craig, we're about to finish here, " Luke prompted. "Tell him to wait five minutes."

"Yes, sir." She left.

"It's okay, Luke. I could just meet him outside."

"Nikki, it's eleven fifty-five. Take a break. Come to my office when you get back. And oh! Please contact Cavendish. I've got to tell him something about this project." Luke grabbed the binders and stood up. He held the door open. "Nikki?"

"Oh, thanks." I stood and grabbed my things.

I walked straight to the elevator as Luke went back to his office. I was not really nervous to see Louis again, not like I was when I met Damon, but I wanted to see him again out of curiosity. I was impatiently drumming my right foot while waiting for the elevator to open. I stepped in then pressed the ground level button. It almost took me forever since we were on the thirty-second floor.

When I reached the lobby, my eyes promptly scanned the entire floor. I was picturing Louis in my mind from my memories of him. His physique, his smile, his kindness, thoughtfulness—everything. Though it didn't end well between us, I realized that I missed him.

Then there he was, standing at the lobby as if it was only yesterday. Louis was looking casual in his black suit jacket, a white shirt, and boots.

I muttered his name. Louis...

Our gazes met. I did not move an inch as he smiled and waltzed towards me. He approached closer and closer until there was no space between us to breathe. He still had this effect on me after all these years.

I was still attracted to both of them. It suddenly reminded me why I ended things in the past. This was my problem. I ruined everyone's life because of my wrong decisions, and my wrong choices were all coming back to me again.

"I heard that you're back, " he whispered hoarsely. I could feel his warm breath on my face.

I nodded, then swallowed hard. "Yeah. How did you..."

"Why don't we eat lunch first?"

"Oh, there's – uh – a café inside this building. The burger here's good. Do you want to try it?"

"Sure. Lead the way."

We went to Saint Antony's Café at the ground level, and Louis ordered hamburgers and two cups of iced tea for both of us.

"So, are you going to tell me now about the visit?" I asked.

"I heard from Damon that you are back. He told me a few days ago." I took a sip of my drink.

"How are you and Damon?"

"I guess we're fine. Ever since you left, we started communicating again as a family. He made me his best man." He stopped chewing then frowned. "Do you know?"

"Yeah, he's remarrying his ex-wife. We met at the party. He was with her." I sliced my burger into four, then ate the first piece. "This is how they eat this here."

"There's no difference in my taste buds." He chuckled. "I came to visit you because I wanted to say sorry. I think it's my fault you left."

"It was my choice, and I managed to live. I even became a hotelier, and I've got new friends. So apology accepted."

"I am truly sorry, Nikki. I don't want us to become enemies forever."

"We are not. I'm still glad to see you."

"So, are we good? You forgive me?"

I shr

our stuff to the hotel. We'll go there by cab." He leaned over my ear, "I need a shower too. Hey, you still didn't tell me your shampoo—"

I shoved his face away with my palm. "No way! There's no way I'm going to tell you about my shampoo. I don't want you to smell—" I stopped in the middle of my sentence. I didn't realize I was being too loud. My eyes consciously sighted Damon's direction. His eyes peered, and his fiancée was watching us.

"You two look good together, " she commented and smiled sweetly.

"I think so too, right, Nikki?" he teased.

"Stop it. I'm going out." I grabbed my bag and stood.

I heard Luke chortled. "Sorry, we're heading out first. I have a business meeting at lunch. I'll see you later, Cavendish."


Luke followed me as I headed out of the restaurant. Our team was already outside, waiting for us.

"Nikki, what's wrong?"

"I'm going to tell Jake about this."

"Are you mad at me right now? You should've seen your face while you look at them. I saved you out there."

"I know. Thank you for that, but please don't do that again. I know that you're just playing around. I understand when Jake told me that you never had a female friend, and I am delighted that we're friends—that I am your first woman friend. But Luke, you don't need to overact!"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Yes, you are. I never had real female friends. All of them were just a simple, 'One Night. No real names. No repeats'." He flashed out a playful smile. Jacob told me things about him. His mother died at birth, and a nanny raised him. His father was always busy. He never had someone to sing for him on his birthday or share the tables with him on Christmas Day. His father re-married a lawyer with a daughter when he was twenty-one.

"I heard. You never open up your life to everyone but Jake."

"Not just Jake. I have a college mate, and you. Jake cannot keep his mouth shut."

"But you didn't get mad at him or me."

"I trust Jake, so I trust you, too, " he said.

"Thank you for being such a nice friend—and a boss."

"Okay. Let's stop the drama. Shall we head to the hotel now?" I chuckled, shaking my head.

"Of course."

While Luke was heading to the car, I drew my phone from my pocket. I did not care anymore about Damon's ex-wife or any blonde I would encounter with him. He had to know what I felt for him, even if he accepts it or not.

Let's meet tonight at eight. My room number is 1025 – Nikki

I hit send.

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