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   Chapter 19 Regret

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In the morning, I came into my boss' office, bringing him a cup of coffee, which I didn't have to do, but of course, it was different now. Luke was far different from Damon. He didn't roar at people, and he wouldn't require me to work twenty-four-seven.

My new boss grinned boyishly at the sight of the cup on his desk. Shaking his head with a smile, he stood then drew out a thick red folder from the shelf behind him.

While observing him, I noticed that his style wasn't different from Damon's—a cream three-piece-designer suit, a Vacheron Constantin wristwatch, sleek brown leather shoes, and a casual pompadour hairstyle. He smelled of aftershave, soap, and strong mint.

"Sit here, " he said softly, pointing out the chair in front of his desk.

I did as I told, and Luke placed a red ring binder on the desk. It had the Cavendish Enterprises branding on the cover. I remembered holding those folders during my time with Damon.

"And this is the floor plan from Cavendish's architect. You can check it out later."

"We will bring this to the meeting later?"

"Yes, he'll be here in an hour. We still have time to talk, " he said. "Ah, Nikki?"

I took the folder and placed it in my lap. I looked up at him. "Yes?"

"You and your former boss." It wasn't a question. I knew what he was implying. Did he know now? I didn't tell anyone except Jake. Did Jake tell him then?

"What about me and Damon?"

"Oh, come on. You know what I am talking about. The right question is, how did I find out?" He grinned widely this time.

"Okay. How did you find out?"

He chuckled, leaning back to his chair. "I didn't. You just confirmed it now."

I can't believe it. "Ugh, you tricked me."

"I had a feeling." He shrugged. "And after the little incident I witnessed at my hotel, it gave me an idea."

My shoulders fell. He was the last person I wanted to work with like the typical employee, but I screwed it up again this time because I was insensitive.

"Okay, but it's not a big deal."

"Of course. I just wanted to know. Will you be fine?"

"About what?"

"He's coming here today."

"Oh, don't worry about that. It won't affect my job. I promise."

He smiled kindly. "That's not what I meant. I just hope you won't get uncomfortable. I want us to get along well. I deserve to know what happened to my employees' past jobs."

"I understand. Thank you, Luke. You are very kind."

"And you don't have to bring my coffee. That's my secretary's job."

"I'm just… I'm used to doing that."

He nodded. "Oh, he must be on his way now." Luke glanced at his wristwatch then he stood. "Come, let's wait for him at the meeting room."

"Oh, sure."

course, it could happen. What have I done?

"Be grateful because I didn't tell your new employer what you did. I told you it wasn't me who started this war."

He was right. I was so confident. This was a war I'm never going to win. Ever.

"But here I am, almost begging you to at least listen to me, " Damon continued. "It was supposed to be five billion. I was miserable and desperate that I'm was going to have start from scratch again, and this stirred an issue with my other clients. I had no choice but to accept Bianca's parents help. They helped me and used their connections."

My heart clenched, my chest was getting heavier. This wasn't fair. It was his fault I left, but the consequence when I left was my fault. I only made it ugly… made it worse.

"I'm not here to blame you or anything like that. I just wanted you to know. I don't want you to make the wrong conclusions about me. I'm sorry if I hid things from you. I just didn't want to lose you."

"But you lost me anyway, " I croaked, wiping my endless tears away. Stupid, stupid tears that just won't stop.

"Yes, I guess we are even now. Let's properly end this, Nikki. Consider this as my last unprofessional conversation with you."

I swiftly looked up at him, thinking I heard him sob. My mouth parted when I actually found his eyes red and watery.

"I'm sorry…"

Damon cleared his throat and blinked multiple times. He stood then buttoned up his suit. I watched him put the papers I gave him into his briefcase.

"I hope our professional relationship will remain in this new project."

"Damon! No. I am so sorry…" I stood, now crying uncontrollably. "I'm so sorry, please, don't leave yet."

I tried to call him once more, but he didn't listen. He exited the room and didn't look back.

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