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   Chapter 14 Moving Forward

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"Open the door, Nikki. Please." I didn't know how long he had been knocking the door the next morning, but I managed to leave it unanswered. I was still so mad; I didn't want to see his face. All I wanted was to go home.

"I'm so sorry, " he said. "Let's talk, and please hear me out."

I swallowed hard as I felt my stomach growling in extreme hunger, but my pride was eating me. It was the only thing I had. I wanted to chastise him for not being honest with me. I wanted him to rot in front of the door for making me wear his wife's swimsuit. It was so sick.

"Just get mad at me and face me, but not like this, " he spoke again. "I'm tired of looking at the door. Please come out, you're driving me crazy—Shut up, Edward! I told you not to bring Vivian here."

"I know, but give her some time. I'm sorry, man, " Edward said calmly, then I heard him walked away.

Damon knocked again. "Nikki, please talk to me."

I grabbed the pillows and covered them on m

ink you can do that to me anymore, " I teased.

"I was a jerk, wasn't I?"


"How 'worse'?"

"Every single day, I thought of giving you my resignation. My boss is the full definition of evil."

Damon kissed my forehead softly. "Am I?"

"I now have an opportunity to leave, but I can't seem to do it. I must be out of my mind."

"Probably." He grinned. "I'll take you to dinner tonight."

"But Claire. I promised to meet her for dinner."

"How about we take your sister with us?"

I frowned, confused. "What? No. I can't let her hear about this. She doesn't know about us. It would be weird."

His brows furrowed. "Of course, but I just want to be with you tonight."

"Then how can we talk if she's there? Apparently, Claire thought that Louis was still my boyfriend. I'll speak to her. I'm sure she'll understand."

"Or we could move this to tomorrow, " he suggested.

"Nope. You promised to tell me. I'm not letting you get away this time."

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